UFC 61 Ticket Info (Pic)

No UFC Pre Order code in the newsletter?

"And when the hell is Liddell fighting again?"

He fights Babalu in August.

Rumored card:

-Tim Sylvia vs. Andrei Arlovski

-Tito Ortiz vs. Ken Shamrock

-Joe Stevenson vs. Yves Edwards (at 155 pounds)

-Frank Mir vs. Dan Christison

-Jeff Monson vs. TBA

I thought Mir V Buentello was the rumored match?



Saucy, I just can not fathom how you can put with the trolls and all of the stupid 12 year old like comments they make. Please know that there are alot of us on the site that acknowledge what you and the UFC have done to promote MMA in this country over the last 5 years. No matter what you guys do, they will whine and complain about it. But what is worse, is that they make these comments to you, like you are somehow resposible for their inability to enjoy the sport they claim to be fans of in the first place. Keep up the good work.

I doubt Beth gives a shit about the teenage trolls. I assume she knows there are real fans on here who appreciate her posts.

Thanks guys!

great poster. i'll bet it sells out with that lineup plus the rumored matches...

damn, I remember paying $50 for liddell/belfort at 37.5 and sitting on the floor at bellagio. Times they are a changing. Priced me out. Hopefully this one sells tickets better than staples did.

Great poster!!!!!

Already looking forward to UFC 61 Free on Bravo 24 hour delay here in the UK!

"Tito vs. Shamrock is a pointless fight."

Selling tickets and PPVs is pointless? Hmmmmm.....

Since they did the little highlights in red they shoulda put Tito's sleeveless rash guard on there.

"Great poster, who does the UFC posters?"

Sean Shelby has done the posters since UFC 47.

Damn, didn't know Sean did the posters. Nicely done.

whens it coming back to mohegan or ac?

For AC, as soon as something around $20 billion dollars is spent on infrastructure, improvements, etc.

me and a few others just tried to buy tickets from ticketmaster.com...

apparently no $100 seats exist...and all 3 of us got on RIGHT at 10AM when they went on sale. The only seats that come up are $200 and higher. Either they ran out of $100 seats within 2-5 seconds of the tickets going on sale, they havent been released yet, or there's a problem with ticketmaster.

Yea I tryed for the $100 seats also 2 seconds in - they're gone. Keep trying maybe they're holding them so the more expensive get sold first.

Hope so. Maybe Saucy can shed some light later.