UFC 66 Odds Pinnacle

Sat 12/30 Andrei Arlovski vs Marcio Cruz
08:00 PM 207 Andrei Arlovski -381
  208 Marcio Cruz +351
Sat 12/30 Gabriel Gonzaga vs Carmelo Marrero
08:00 PM 209 Gabriel Gonzaga -261
  210 Carmelo Marrero +241
Sat 12/30 Christian Wellisch vs Anthony Perosh
08:00 PM 211 Christian Wellisch -126
  212 Anthony Perosh +116

UFC 66 - Las Vegas, Nevada: UFC Light Heavyweight Championship

Sat 12/30 Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz
08:00 PM 201 Chuck Liddell -256
  202 Tito Ortiz +236
Sat 12/30 Forrest Griffin vs Keith Jardine
08:00 PM 203 Forrest Griffin -246
  204 Keith Jardine +226
Sat 12/30 Michael Bisping vs Eric Schafer
08:00 PM 205 Michael Bisping -401
  206 Eric Schafer +361

UFC 66 - Las Vegas, Nevada: UFC Middleweight

Sat 12/30 Yushin Okami vs Rory Singer
08:00 PM 213 Yushin Okami -381
  214 Rory Singer +351
Sat 12/30 Chris Leben vs Jason MacDonald
08:00 PM 217 Chris Leben -176
  218 Jason MacDonald +166

UFC 66 - Las Vegas, Nevada: UFC Welterweight

Sat 12/30 Thiago Alves vs Tony DeSouza
08:00 PM 215 Thiago Alves -176
  216 Tony DeSouza +166

i'm liking the odds on red too

I would like to learn how odds are made.

MacDonald and Jardine are very good bets at those odds.

Schafer and Singer both are good bets.

Hey Joey, Merry Xmas!!!!

Like The Pitbull, Marrero and DeSouza

Thanks odessa

i think the Ravishing one is going to make me some money next weekend


what's the $354 cap on the bets? I got some real money I want to put on Gonzaga...

In my best Chandler Bing impersonation: "Could I BE a bigger underdog?"


Have you even seen my last two fights? I am going to assume the answer is no.


Appreciate the vote of confidence.


I'm sure it's going to be a great fight...give Okami hell and make them eat their words!!! Best of luck to you and Happy Holidays. :)

"Could I BE a bigger underdog?" Hey Rory, you could be me...


Pretty close Red, pretty close. See you in a few days Eric. Have a great holiday.

my betting strategy for this fight: bet $100 on most of the underdogs
and enjoy the night. i don't see how you can't end up ahead with this
strategy for this show... marrero, jardine, shafer, macdonald, souza. even
$50 on piece of bread...
it isn't a night to go big on anyone, and a few of these 'dogs should win.


How cool is this place that fighters come on here and talk about the odds of them getting beat up with us :)

Wow, if I had money to burn I would throw down on Tony DeSouza. That's going to be a cool show.

Bluenamers,just remember to ttt my Schafer thread once Bisping taps.

I'll be rolling in the benjamins.