UFC 68: Franklin vs. MacDonald

Sorry if this has already been posted, but I thought it was an interesting matchup. Seems like the UFC has no interest in building MacDonald at all and is just throwing him into fight after fight that he's supposed to lose.

Anybody think he stands a chance here?

J Mac by Sub.

Yeah, I get that impression too, that they want him to lose to one of their built boys. I like J-Mac and wanna see him built up a bit! Give the man his dues! He took out 2 of the most annoying characters in the sport in a row! First "Short Fuse" and then Chris Leben! That right there makes me a huge fan of the guy! And that is aside the fact he is slick AND cool as fuck! :)

He lost to Patrick Cote last year and has had a winning streak but I cant see him beating Franklin.

dana dana dana.

fucked up.

lol @ J-Mac not having skills. Yeah he may not be a contender, but you need to have that confidence along side with skills to do well in the game. He is a slick grappler. He has skills.

The source is mmaweekly's rumor section.

As for him calling himself a contender, Mike Swick has been begging for a title fight. They clearly don't want to put him against Franklin and see one of them lose, so the only thing I can think of is that they really don't care about MacDonald and consider him as sort of a fluke. Otherwise they'd invest more time building him.

he has skills but damn.

give the guy a break.

give him cote or sell or scott smith or even bring back salaverry.

I'd really like to see him fight Tanner.

MacDonald is definitely skilled, especially on the ground, but he'll be in a little too deep with Franklin. After Rich wins this and Marquardt wins it would be a good match between the two of them to see who will get to beat Silva. And yes you read that correctly the winner of that match WILL beat Silva.

good luck with that chris

No luck needed, it'll happen, more than likely Nate imo. I'll make sure to up this thread when it happens.

So in other words this thread will die and never be seen again.

What about Yushin Okami, are they just scared that the an Asian Pride fighter will beat all their made guys. I think Belcher is one of the best 85 fighters and Okami beat him and destroyed the two tuf guys. I beleive he walks through Mcdonald and would give Rich Franklin a great fight.

SinCityHustler, tell me exactly how is it that you think Silva would beat Nate? Or do you think that Rich will beat Nate? Doubtful. Assuming Rich were to win and get the title shot do you think he would come in and get dominated in the same fashion again? Come on man I would expect better from a pro. Maybe its time to retire, seems like you've taken a few too many knocks to the head.

j/k, I ain't tryin to be an asshole, but I would like to hear your theory on how things would go down if Silva/Marquardt happened cause I cannot see Nate losing that one.

"I mean seriously if you aren't gonna fight the best why fight?"

I couldn't agree more.

Okami called out Rich why not give Rich Okami.

Okami main problem is all his fights have been boring until 3rd round.

I don't think this is a good fight for MacDonald at this point in his career. I liked the suggestion of Nate Quarry, even a rematch with Cote.

I do not see MacDonald winning this fight at this stage of his career.

Quarry's been hurt for ages. Haven't heard anything about a comeback.