UFC 71 Weakest card ever?

I've seen every UFC since 38 and besides maybe UFC 55, 68, this may be the worst yet. Looking at the fight card, it seems the UFC is expecting everyone to buy it based on the Rampage/Liddell fight. It is a nice re-match, but come on, we all know Chuck will have no problem dispatching Page this time. Whats the co-main event? Jardine vs Huston Alexander?

Agreed it does look weak, but Chuck sells PPV's

Plus I like a few of the matchups... not big names, but still good fights

"Burkman-Parisyan added to UFC 71 Card"

Chuck will win, everyone knows it (like you said).

agreed weak card liddell will ko rampage easily but it will great to see

Eric Schafer vs Sean Salmon

You shut your mouth call UFC68 weak!!

"Chuck will win, everyone knows it (like you said)."

Like everyone knew GSP & Sylvia would win? Nothing is certain!

-Chuck Liddell (#1 Light Heavyweight in the World)* vs. Quinton Jackson (#8 Light Heavyweight in the World)

-Karo Parisyan (#7 Welterweight in the World)
vs. Josh Burkman

-Ivan Salaverry vs. Terry Martin

-Keith Jardine vs. Houston Alexander

-Chris Leben vs. Kalib Starnes

-Din Thomas vs. Jeremy Stephens

-James Irvin vs. Thiago Silva

-Eric Schafer vs. Sean Salmon

-Wilson Gouveia vs. Carmelo Marrero

Jeff McFluffy is correct, Chuck does sell ppv's.

I will say what I have been saying for the last year, how in the hell is chris leben still fighting on UFC main cards?  Rediculous.

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Is Jardine even on the card?
Last I saw, Karo/Burkman was the co-main event. Couple that with Alves/Irvin and Salmon/Shafer and you the makings of a crappy UFN card.

This event sucks balls. Too many undercard fighters in the event.

Thiago Alves is a welterweight. Thiago Silva is a light heavyweight.

I'm actually really pumped for Salaverry v. Martin.

Houston Alexander is a HUUUUGE feed to Jardine. 

Houston has wins over Jamie Webb (6-23)  and Brandon Quigley (7-27)

This event is going to be one of the best of the year imo. Those matchups are going to produce great fights.

Does it have alot of marque fighters? Obviously not but it has a lot of good up and coming hungry fighters.

"I'm actually really pumped for Salaverry v. Martin."

exactly. i'm a fan of both. it should be an exciting fight.



Very weak card besides the main event, which isn't even all that amazing.

I hope we get to see Thiago Silva fight. I've been hearing about that guy for a long time.

Looking forward to these:

Liddell vs. Jackson
Parisyan vs. Burkman
Salaverry vs. Martin
Jardine vs. Alexander

Not a bad card if you ask me.

not a bad card

but it lacks SIZZLE

and sizzle is what sells

Looks good to me.

Then again I'm an MMA fan.