UFC 98: The Return of the Old Matt Hughes

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                                UFC 98: The Return of the Old Matt Hughes 

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i love storylines leading up to fights. this one has a good one. cant wait to grab the popcorn and watch a brawl.

LOFL! Hughes is going to rip Serra apart at the seams...

Who actually wants to see this fight? it's sad really. An aging Matt Hughes taking out a grudge against an opponent who probably weighs 30 lbs less. He'll prove nothing by kicking his ass.

I used to be a huge a Matt Hughes fan and i still respect greatly what he accomplished. but I really hope Serra pulls out a miracle.





Ryase - they're both a-holes. of course one of them is getting pounded

Serra isn't 1% of the asshole Hughes is. Go try to find even ONE former associate or teammate Serra's who'll say that he's a "scumbag" and then come back, edit your post and apologize.

UG News - 

UFC 98: The Return of an Old Matt Hughes



I agree with Ryase and a little with Mike Sanders! They are BOTH ass holes. We know Hughes is and has been for years. Serra may not be but he sure came off as a "big, stinky" one while coaching the Ultimate Fighter.

He's got the "little-man" diease real bad too... And hell, we all thought he had no chance against GSP, so he road that "nobody-respects-me chip" until GSP knocked it off. He had not been good for years!!! He got a great opportunity against GSP and cashed it in. Let's not forget, he's the same fighter he has been for 5 years. He still couldn't put away Shonie Carter!

Now the matchup will be Hughes overpowering him as we all suspect. Serra is a small welterweight and Hughes is a big one. It will be a boring decision, trust me. And hopefully, they both go away and train some young fighters to be better then they were. They sport has passed them by. It now belongs to these young lions that are well rounded and hungry to prove themselves. Hughes proved he could outwrestle guys his whole career. Serra showed he was well trained but fighting in the wrong class against bigger guys. They were both winners in their own right, but it's time to move over and move on.

hughes by ground and pound..first round

Hughes has lost it, like Chuck. Sorry but true. He may be able to beat Serra though

Serra is not an asshole. He's a new yorker.

My god I hope Serra takes hughes apart.

 hughes did much much better vs lytle than serra- who did nothing

Serra is a live dog in this fight. His boxing is better than Hughes and he has more power in his hands.

boxing is better. Just because he closed his eye and hit 1 homerun doesnt make him Mike Tyson(early years).

The only people that Hughes has lost to in the last 8 years is BJ Penn, GSP and Thiago Alves. Hughes almost has as many TITLE fights as Serra has total fights.

Serra is certainly not in that category of fighter, hell he's 9-5 in his MMA career.

kungfugrip - boxing is better. Just because he closed his eye and hit 1 homerun doesnt make him Mike Tyson(early years).

I'm not just basing it on one fight. Hughes's standup is pretty awful and always has been. Serra clearly has big power in that right hand and the ability to land it. All Hughes has is a jab he throws from the hip. Hughes needs to take this to the ground to win.

Your Arsonist - Serra is not an asshole. He's a new yorker.


really looking forward to this fight, long time coming

Hughes will have a 10 pound weight advantage at most. I doubt it will even be that big. Hughes has 3 inches of height on Serra but Serra is much stockier.