UFC Chicago Who would go?

Now that the UFC is selling bigger venues, we can hope to see it hosted in different cities. I have some political friends with access to booking a particular arena in the O'hare area, and one of them loves the UFC. A sell out would be around 17K. I think we could do this. Who would be willing to attend? Is the UFC popular enough here? Let's make this happen.

shit, they got 800 people for a freaking grappling tournament... i think they'd sell that out no sweat

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The midwest is huge on MMA. You got to figure you have a ton of major metro areas within a 4-5 hour radius Milwaukee, Des Moines, The Quad Cities, Minneapolis, Indianapolis. We already got a ton of shows (XFO, Combat DO, Gladiators, Duneland etc)and they pull in good numbers, they for sure could sell out Allstate.

1 problem NO ELBOWS in IL MMA. Dana and crew would have to soften up the commission, but hey it's the Chi money talks!!

I'd like to think we could. The typical smaller shows are turning out 3500 or greater. With the location I'd like to think we would have attendees from IL, MI, WI, IN, IA etc. If I can convince them it could be a success, I know parties on both sides and we could very well make this happen. Only thing is I'm not sure where MMA stands with state legislature, but we can work on that too. To the best of my knowledge the elbow strikes are only illegal in amateur shows. The governing body is ISCF (not 100% positive) but I know those are their rules, so I don't think it would apply in this case. What were the rules in the KOTC in Moline? If this Casino license they've been fighting for ever comes through, this place is ideal. Ohare airport is 2 blocks away, and there's over 25 hotels within a 5 min drive. We have all the makings of a minature Vegas.

put me down fot a ticket.

Without a doubt I'd go.

Ticket sales and the way a sellout is determined is pretty complex. I know for a fact when a promoter of any event tries to coordinate any show, many things take place with tickets. Generally the Arena Manager will ask for several things. Usually 2K tickets for employees, friends with clout, and the entertainer will counter with X amount to be given away on the radio for advertising etc. Just because a venue seats 10K people and has declared a sell out, doesn't mean 10K tickets were in fact sold. There's still politics and negotiating involved. I'm not saying single handidly I could make this happen, but if there is enough interest I know the right people who could pursue this. The fact that UFC left Vegas for 2 shows and is doing well, gives the rest of us hope for seeing one in our backyard in the future.

I'd go

I'd drive from Detroit

id go, AA wants to fight in chi-town, since he trains there and bonnar probably wouldnt mind.

No. I live in Cali and don't even go. PPV has better seats than the seats at the show and I sure as hell am not spending big money to see it live. I'm a poor gov't lapdog worker so I can't afford it :-)


i would be there in a flash it would be cool to see one live..

That would rock!!! Make it happen.
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I am there. Best realistic martial arts crowd I have ever seen, and I am reasonably well travelled now.

Put me down for like a cool dozen tix!!!

TTT for the UFC in the town of CHI

I would proabably head on in.

count me in for sure.

It would do extremely well in Chicago. Big mma market hear. And all that it is missing is a big promotion.

The IFL has rules that could easily allow them to have a show downtown. That would be badass

A UFC would be fucking awesome here to.