UFC Co-Founder David Isaacs - Lytes Out Deep Dive *****

David Isaacs is a Harvard Law graduate and was the UFC President for their First 22 events. David Isaacs give us an administrative view of all of the chaos and moving parts that has made the UFC what it is today.
The subjects of Bob Meyrowitz, Campbell McLaren and the departures of both Art Davie and Buddy Albin are all discussed in this tell all episode.
David Isaacs does not hold back and provided us with a never before look into the UFC’s No Holds Barred Era.

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Who was that other one? Art Davie I think? Him and big John are two of the worst books I ever read.

its funny cuz art davie claims it was his idea, rorion claims it was his idea
wonder what david thinks

Says Its an Explosive Interview

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Will be watching later




Art Davie and Sean Wheelock wrote

  • Is This Legal?

Have you read that?

I have some extra copies

  • I really enjoyed it
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This may be good timing as I have another little road trip to take.

Will be burning up the highways and byways of Bayou Country for the next couple of days.

Totally random thought but I remember meeting a guy from I believe it was Kazakhstan at one of the early UFCs. If I recall correctly he was part of a group pitching the UFC owners to bring the show to their country. This was during the time of the UFC having a hard time to find venues or states that did not give the show trouble.


I remember reading in Fighting Sports Newsletter in the late 90’s that the UFC was going to hold an event in Kazakhstan. This was during the cable ban and when they were holding shows in half empty arenas in Alabama and Mississippi. They introduced some ambassador or something from Kazakhstan at UFC 14 I think it was. The audience was like “What?”

For some reason, it never happened. Not long after, there was a one off show in that country called National Freesparring. Oleg Taktarov won a couple fights. I always assumed that was put on by whoever the UFC was trying to work with.


You are seriously mentally ill…

This questions was asked

Jul 27 1997
UFC 14 from the Republic of Kazakhstan Poolat Mergaliev
What was the reason for bringing this political dignitary to the event?


We also talked about the Ukraine Buddy Albin event and the attempted use of the UFC name

The fallout from it
This is a really good one for obscure trivia

Vrill and Willie Pep

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As long as I have them in stock, I got you


Well if I was going to listen to something on the interweb it would be the Lytes Out Podcast but unfortunately I am just not capable of consuming MMA media. I truly hate the internet. It apparently accelerates the breeding of retards and queers. Nonetheless I encourage everyone to listen to Chris Lytle, he is a bright star in a very dim world.