UFC fighter opening up on living with two wives

Kazakh UFC fighter Zhalgas Zhumagulov told how he lives with two wives.

“It’s hard without a family at the training camp. When you have a wife, a family, you get used to it, it’s hard without it. Yes, I have two wives, brother. Two wives and six children. How hard is it with two wives? In principle, it’s normal, I’m already used to it. At first there were tests, but now everything is fine.

Which wife do I go to first when I return after the battles? Well, where did I leave from … I left, for example, from my second wife, I go to the first. I left the first, I go to the second. Day here, day there, “Zhumagulov said in an interview with the YouTube channel” Let me interrupt you. "

At UFC 264, Zhalgas Zhumagulov met with American Jerome Rivera. A Kazakhstani won the first round by submission. This was his first UFC win. He lost the first two fights in the league.

That turned out differently from what I expected…

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