UFC Fighters to Be Prohibited from Placing Bets on Any UFC Fight

Crazy this policy hasn’t always existed.

Not that it will stop people that want to find a work around.


Exactly, just somebody higher up covering their ass if cheating comes to light.

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Why cant you bet on yourself? I mean i get round or point fuckery, but there doesnt seem anything wrong with “i bet x dollars i will win in any fashion” to me.


Yes , lots of people saying that about all sports orgs

That UFC fighter in China took a bribe for a bet.


Wow I never heard any of that. The only thing related I ever heard was that Rogan used to bet and made a shitload of money doing it.

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Lol joe blows it for fighters gambling the same way B.Schwab fucked it for streamers.

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Ricco Rodriguez took his sponsorship money from that stunt that he pulled with a gaming casino & bet it all on himself & won.



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I had no idea about it until someone on here mentioned it about a year ago. Seems like it should’ve been bigger news.

Teams Prohibited also

so late in the game

Seems weird you cant bet on fights your not involved in…I could see not allowing bets on someone from your team that you train.

Best friend has to do it for you.

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