UFC fights stopped to early?

OK guys. I'm not taking away from the winners in the last UFC, But in my opinion there is a big difference between getting "Dropped", and getting KO'd. Refs stepping in as soon as guys go down, whuch is a little too soon. What to you think?

Yes. In my opinion Lawler was KO'd -- went down like a marionette with the strings cut, staggered all the way back to the fence after getting up. On the other hand, Cabbage was dropped, but was most certainly not out. And before someone says "he didn't argue", I'm sure he was aware he was getting his ass kicked, but that doesn't mean he got KO'd or was hurt.

I think the refs in the UFC do a great job on stoppages for the most part--I much prefer erring on the side of being early than late.

Ken vs. Frye-
Might have been stopped in UFC but look what happened.

I think the last UFC showed the refs stepping in quick on every knockdown.

LOL at Suloev vs. Baroni.....It took Suloev like 2 minutes to get back to his feet...if they wouldn't have stopped that fight, Suloev would be dead

I think they do a much better job now then they did.....getting rid of Landless and White were positive moves

I think the Cabbage stoppage was too soon....but, I think if it had continued, Arlovski would have just kept beating on him

Yes but what if they would have stopped it when Baroni went down? It almoast was but look what happend.A guy can get dropped and be "Rocked" but continue to fight and possibly turn the tide.

I think that they stop fights too early alot in the UFC. Nobody has died from Pride's later stoppages, and it's not like boxing where the guy is going to get hit in the head for 20 more minutes after the initial KO. I'd rather be sure that the fight was actually done when they stopped it.

Although in their defense, they're usually not early to the point of robbery.

I think I agree. I'm all for fighter safety, but too many fights are stopped because the ref is under the impression they're about to be finished, rather than letting the finish happen.

I agree that the ufc often stops fights a bit too early. People can recover from knockdowns.

gilbert vs bj. there was like 1 second left when it was stopped. its cuz ref cant watch clock and fight at once

max: there was less than 1 second. When he called a halt the horn sounded.

Conan Sak 1

Goes Henderson? This fight went to jd.

What about Liddell - Randleman?

About half of the fights Landless were reffing were stopped too early.

liddell vs. randleman is another good example.

On the other hand oyama vs. v. silva in pride was stopped way too early.

Just because it becomes obvious who is going to win you dont stop the fight untill someone quits or someone wins.

Liddell clearly KO'ed Randleman

Randleman went limp and Liddell would have landed in mount if the ref had not stopped it

Randleman just went berserk after he recovered...which was like 10 seconds after he got hit

OK- this is a tough one. Belfort - Silva ?

This does not represent my original post about just getting dropped, but what do you think?

Randleman is not a good example. Kev was going down with Chuck in hot pursuit. It was not like Kev woke up when he hit the floor. Compare his posture (good stoppage) to Vitor's when Chack rocked his world (would have been a horrible stop).

Sylvia vs Ricco
Sylvia vs Mcgee

Big John let Tim tee of on their heads when they went down before stopping it.

I haven't reviewd the Randleman fight in a while. I seem to remember having mixed feelings.

so how does a ref judge if the guy is really out when it's not obvious?