UFC fights stopped to early?

Liddell knocked Randleman out, it was a good stoppage. Chuck was going to pound him, if the ref didn't save him.

Gary Hughes

I could name 25 fights that went on to be wars in PRIDE beyond the point where UFC would have stopped it. The list goes on and on. Sometimes the other fighter turns out to be the victor even.

There have been some early stoppages in UFC- but 50 early stoppages is better than one that is too late.

And there were NO early stoppages at the last UFC. Lawler was totally out. Cabbage was just getting beaten in the head. There is no reason to continue that. That is how boxing ended up in trouble 15 years ago.

Re: Liddel v Randleman. Let chuck finish it THEN stop it, then there would be no question. The trigger was pulled too early in that fight by the ref IMO. I've watched that one a few times, and Kevin does take a little while to get up, but I've seen people recover from worse situations. Kevin can take a beating.

There is a bad ref stoppage on every UFC.

and there is a dominant fight in every PRIDE that would have stopped a long time ago.

Example: Newton/Pele

I could name at least 24 more off the top of my head.

This is a little off subject but I thought the Carter williams fight in the last K-1 was way early. His knees didn't even buckle.

Yes, Baroni - Tanner 1 was one of the worst.


Tank vs. Nelmar(sp?)

that guy was going for a rolling kneebar when it was stopped...PATHETIC

Tank vs. Nelmar(sp?)
that guy was going for a rolling kneebar when it was stopped...PATHETIC

LOL---Good One!

Enson took one of the worst beatings ever. Brain swelling? That was extreme!

I thought it was a "folding" knee bar?

lol @ tank vs. nelmark being a kneebar...hahaha...

Henderson would have beat Silva if thier match was in the UFC.That cut was nasty on Silva.That redheaded lady would of called the fight.


There will always be contreversy over stoppages.

I tend to like the Pride philosophy more than the UFC however. They seem to let fighters fight out of tough spots. This lets the fight eb and flow more.

Belfort/Silva was a good stoppage. I don't think Silva was out at all, just overwhelmed -- he popped back up and was arguing as soon as they stopped it, and didn't appear hurt -- but he was getting hit dozens of times without defending himself.

I guess in that sense the Cabbage/Arlovski stoppage was a good one. It still seems a little off, because Cabbage did not seem to be getting hurt at all by any of the punches.

I think the referees do a good job in the UFC. For the survival of the SPORT and a longer fighting career for the atheletes. I feel it is better to stop a fight too soon than too late. MMA is a sport not life and death.

What bothers me more than stopping a fight too soon is the bad decisions in Pride.

Oliver Fig

lol @ Liddell vs Randleman NOT being a good stoppage. What crack are some of you smoking, Randleman was OUT. He might have popped up AFTER the fight was over ok, but that doesn't mean the fight was stopped early. And Baroni - Suloev I think the poster was referring to Phil almost being ko'd with the knee, not when he was pounding Suloev into submission.

How wasnt the Vitor Silva fight a good stoppage? What was going to stop Vitor from continuing to pound on Silvas head after he went down?