UFC how about JHUN!!!

Man what does this guy have to do. I seen two guys that he beat get in before him. He also beat two more UFC Veteran. What more creditability can you ask for. Loook at his fight stats the man is no stranger to fighting tough guys.

DANA WHITE GIVE HIM A CHANCE!!!!! I promise he will be more than entertaining.....

If you feel Jhun deserves a shot ttt

Maybe they think Ron's just too pretty for the UFC and he'll steal the spotlight from there favorite haole fighters.


11 losses is a lot

Look at his fight stats who he fought win or lose. I know guys in the UFC that lost to guys not even on that level but still get a shot

11 is not alot look at Shannon Ritch and his 37 loses and he fought in PRIDE okay forget UFC put Ron in Pride!

I don't mean to rain on your parade and I don't know anything about the guy I'm just saying to my knowledge there aren't any guys fighting in UFC with 11 career losses except maybe when they gave Vernon White his shot

Those loses are so yesterday and if the UFC can't see that then THEY don't deserve Ron at all.Ron is in the best shape right now get it while it's hot!

Lets look a Jhun aganist UFC Veteran

ZIKIC- loss, then two months later he beats Zikic in a rematch.

Strasser- Jhun stopped him in Superbrawl either by Sub or TKO

Spratt- Jhun won a Stand up war TKO

TIKI - Loss by a close descion

Hallman- won by descion

Carter- Draw in Superbrawl and Beat Shonie in KOTC

Hey Brennan not to go off topic here but is there every going to be another Warrior's quest?

its called Punishment In Paradise Feb 15.04

Chris Lytle has a few marks on his record and I believe he might have lost the fight against Lawlor, but he won a shit load of fans doing so.

ttt for Jhun in the UFC

Thanks Brennan hook me up tickets j/k

I don't think marks should count against anyone especially if they've stepped up and gotten way better then before.

Yeah, I'm not trying to put anyone down I respect every fighter, But I believe JHUN s time has come..

I truly believe he earned his shot the hard way but raised up to every challenge thrown to him.

For whatever reason why UFC is bypassing Ron they're the ignorant ones and as long as we all know Ron is a great fighter he will always be a champion in the islands!

I' m sure if he reads in here and read that he would be PROUD!!(Tear falling from Kamaka's face)

I hope he doesn't be upset when someone tells him about this post I made this just trying to hook a BRADDA up..

But after seeing this last Superbrawl and the match TJ is doing at least he will bring Hawaii the awesome match ups!!

stop it you're going to make me cry now lol
us locals are so sensitive I wanted to cry when I seen BJ cry oh shit I'm giving us away crap!

ttt for Ron and his korean white legs!

the guy is listed as 20-11-2 and has been fighting since 1998.

Now granted, 11 losses is not great but it is not like he is 2-11.

His 20 wins:

15 by KO, TKO or Submission

Noteworthy wins include - Pete Spratt, Shonie Carter, Dave Strasser (all three UFC vets with a win), Kyle Brees, and Joe Stevenson

Last 12 months has gone, 6-2 (3 by TKO/Submission)including a decision over Shonie for the KOTC belt. Before that, he drew with both Shonie and Hallman (another reputable UFC vet with wins).

His 11 losses:

Of note - Jermaine Andre (contraversial), Eugene Jackson, James Zikic (which he avenged), Eric Paulsen, Masanori Suda (Shooto Champ who KO'ed Egan), Allesio, and Tiki (both Decisions).

Just don't throw 11 losses out there without analyzing the guys career.


Great post Richard Thanks!