UFC in Hi-Def

I cannot understand why UFC PPV's are not offered in high def. I mean, baseball, football, basketball and hockey are aired live in high def.....so why not UFC ppvs? I thought a while back (like UFC 47) they did have it in high def. Anyone with any info on this?

well they would need to buy high def cameras

They've been shooting in 16:9 Hi-Def for a while; I'm positive I've seen
old UFC's (#'s 49-52) rebroadcast on the InHD channel. I don't know
the logistics of broadcasting PPV live in Hi-Def but I would greatly
appreciate it. The sound/picture quality right now is TERRIBLE!


gonzo is a clown, they do have HI Def

The picture quality sucks right now. High Def would be greatly appreciated

Couldn't agree more guys....


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The show is shot in HD. It's just not broadcast live in HD.

Call Mark Cuban. If the WEC can be on HDNET, why not the UFC?

^^^ what he said, and lets make it happen quick.

Does ANYBODY even offer any HD PPVs yet?

The cable company bangs you out for about 5.99 to rent a hi def ppv movie and they usually only have one or two channels available. They probably charge the producers of shows like the UFC more money to rent the ppv slots in order to broadcast. So it would likely cost Zuffa a much bigger cash outlay without knowing if they'd make it back on PPV sales. I don't think anyone is broadcasting PPV events in hi def at this point. Does anyone know of a fight card or game that's PPV that's shown in hi def live right now?

The UFC has been recording the events in hi def for at least a few years now, you can watch them on inhd. Just not live.

HDNet shows replay UFC's in HD

TVKO PPV (HBO ppv boxing) is broacast in HD if your cable provider offers it. The UFC shows on INHD are remastered from what I heard to a lower quality HD. They still look way better than standard digital. The WEC on Hdnet is amazing and I really enjoyed seeing the last fight card live. It was the first time Hdnet did the card live and hopefully they keep it up.

What I can't figure out is how Spike Tv can call themselves the first network for men and yet doesn't broadcast in Hi def.

"Can anyone confirm that they are shooting in 16:9 high-def or just 16:9 standard def?"

The HD re-broadcasts of past UFCs look lightyears better than any standard broadcast. They look as good or better than any other HD program.

It definitely should be broadcasted in HD. I know I have a HD PPV channel with my cable. It is crazy that they are charging more money for the PPV's, with lessor quality fighters than in the past, and we can not even get good picture quality.


so will we ever see the UFC live in Hi Def in the near future?

i hope so!
Zuffa make it happen!!!
we should write them letters!

i'm sure it will happen in the future, they just have to have the money to invest

For something to truely be "Hi-Def", the whole process from cameras to viewer's monitor needs to be "Hi-Def" and then there's which mode of "Hi-Def" you're talking about.

For production, there is a HUGE bump in cost when going to this spec, especially if they do it right. I'm not saying it shouldn't be done. I'm just suggesting that they may be waiting until the technology and process becomes a little cleaner and more cost effective.