UFC in Phoenix (Tempe)

The Loft Bar in Tempe, AZ will be holding the UFC on Saturday on a 15' x 15' projection screen.

The Loft is located on Mill Ave. just below Gordon Biercsh (behing Starbucks, NW corner).

If you are in the area you should definitely stop by.

ahhhh....ASU...that brings back memories :)

The Loft is not bad at all. The crowd is not ASU fratish at all.

It's a very laid back atmosphere and will be a great time.

Good chill spot. Doesn't feel like you're in the middle of ASU.



you have the great santendo with you, you have nothing to worry about, just dont plan on getting any girls, he hogs them all....lol.. hi santino

"hi, Santino"

What a dumper plugger.

RSVPing plus 1.




Since I have to get my heap of a '91 Caddy out of my friend's driveway in Mesa, I will probably unload it relatively cheap to a pimp somewhere along Van Buren and then drop on in just in time. Count me in, for better or worse.

The gang's all back together.


give me a call when your down cube i still have your videos ...

The first round of Michelob Ultra's are on me (limit: 6). Vince, you should meet up with everyone here for the fights. And bring the videos!!!

Lew lew, I think I still have the pix from ritc 44 that you appear. The glare from your head is blinding, but it's you. I shall attempt to locate.

puts on pocket protector and hikes pants

Do they have WiFi?

I am so bald.

Good luck. The one I want to see is the Dodge show with Dewees-Moore, Wiuff-Montana, Riggs-Fulton and Defranco-Spence. I think Faber-Moss was on that card as well. That's the only RITC really worth having, imo.


Oh yea, Cube: Your baldness is a wonderland!!