Ufc is missing the wcw to its wwf

Ufc needs a gimmick.


Is Bellator not WCW though?

Or are you talking about Jorge expanding the BMF like the NWO did and take over the UFC guys?


Love a good gimmick

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That would be awesome. Belator could be but for whatever reason they just don’t generate much interest. They get no media coverage. Dana would need to orchestrate the entire thing

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UFC was the WCW to Pride’s WWF. Unfortunately, the UFC never improved to overtake the #1 spot: the #1 org collapsed and the UFC stayed the same or got shittier. Imagine if WWF collapsed and Bishoff / Russo were suddenly able to be as shitty as they wanted.

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UFC needs to bring back the ramp, bring back sponsors, bring back WEC. They need to send the women and manlets to go fight in WEC.

UFC is too watered down.


It’s because they suck.

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Nah. 2 big orgs from different countries. Like WWF to NJPW. Both are good for different reasons. PRIDE and UFC were always pretty different. Two dudes fight, that’s the only similarity.


Let’s be clear, Pride was always better than the UFC and the UFC never improved, Pride just folded. Your comparison would work if wrestling fans in North America were more into NJPW than they were into WWF and then had to go to WWF when NJPW collapsed.

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I think Pride was better, but that’s subjective. And most US folk never watched Pride. I’m talking the average casual MMA fan. So I think it’s a fair comparison.

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It’s not subjective. Pride had better fighters, were bigger events with higher production values, treated their fighters better and had more appreciative fans.

There weren’t a lot of casual fans back then and fans on the internet definitely were captivated by Pride, even if they couldn’t watch it.

In comparison, you have to be really into niche wrestling fandom to know anything about NJPW.

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Pride was kind of like UFC’s WCW.

Then why did most of the Pride fighters that came over get whipped by UFC fighters? The UFC had better caliber of fighters than Pride.

WCW was excellent, production quality was probably as good as WWF or superior, characters/wrestlers were great, storylines were excellent. They just overpaid for stars and failed to generate enough revenue. More like strike force which was also fucking awesome.

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So you’re admitting you didn’t watch anything or are a troll.

Did Anderson get whipped? Shogun? Rampage? Dan Henderson? Overeem?

How did Chuck do in Pride?

Oh, you mean old guys like Nog got whipped (after he still won the UFC belt)? Old man Cro Cop?

Please elaborate.


Shogun got beat by Forrest Griffin, lmao. Dan Henderson did pretty good, but he got whipped by DC and Anderson Silva. No shame in losing to Anderson. Overeem suffered from a few bad losses. Bigfoot Silva is one example that comes to mind.

So troll. Got it.

Noted to not respond to your selective idiocy going forward.


Have you not seen the countless threads and arguments over which was better? It’s totally subjective.

wrestlemania x-seven wrestling GIF by WWE

wrestlemania x-seven wrestling GIF by WWE