Ufc London ticket prices. Disgrace

Cheapest tickets in the very top tier starting at £340 and all but sold out on 02 priority before general release tomorrow.

Middle tier starting at £650. Anything below into the thousands.

Ufc pricing the real fans out of what was finally a huge UK card we all deserved. Joke of a company.


OP is a poor.

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£585 a ticket is the best I can get and thats only a single ticket so wouldn’t be sat with friends. Factor in train down, hotel, food, piss etc thats going to be best part of a grand. Ill go on holiday for a week instead.

Scalpers gonna scalp.


A disgrace not been since Bisping Leben not paying for shit cards


How many sports does the live experience live up to modern broadcasting these days? I guess some people like paying a ton, all the costs/hassles/parking, barely being able to see and potentially being surrounded by idiots you can’t stand?


Exactly mate, I’m in the north so with with trains, food boozing well over a grand fucking ridiculous.


Hi Dana

it’s usually around $500 for the upper deck nose bleeds at Madison Square Garden too. It sucks I feel like the UFC has priced me me out, I’ve been a MMA fan since the 90s but I won’t pay $800+ per seat to go to a show


this is how the UFC is still making PPV buys at stupid money, its hilariously the ‘cheap’ option.

Just wait until BT put it on as a PPV as its a Brit card with a Brit headliner.

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I think in sports the tickets should go to the highest bidder, this ain’t socialism and you can’t fit the whole country in the arena. There is only enough room for the privileged. What are you gonna do?


It’s actually a half decent card compared to the usual watered down crap the UK normally gets. It’s still mostly shit though IMHO.

If I still lived in London I would of considered going to see it live for £50 maximum

No fucking way am I spending £100 let alone £340 to see that it’s just not worth it.

However I would pay that to see a stacked Pride card back in the day when I knew who every single fighter was.


UFC at home or friend’s houses while you party and eat as you please has been the way better value since forever.


kind of agree with both - I priced up going to a London UFC a few years ago as it fell on an anniversary, with tickets, travel, accommodation etc it would be £1200. I didn’t go, not because I couldn’t afford it, but it felt a rip off for what was on offer.


Exactly it’s not just about being able to afford it or not. It’s about whether it’s actually worth paying all that money for what is on offer.

Looking at the card from top to bottom I don’t think it’s remotely worth it.

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Compared to other sports tickets, it is fucking ridiculous. Nosebleed tickets should not be over $100.


I hear you. Lowest price I could get on Presale for UFC 285 was 350$ and I waited until General on sale and it shot up to 450$ for nosebleeds. The Prices are stupid overpriced.

$350 for floor seats was the way

Bellator still does this to an extent

First few rows are $700 but the rest hit for $300 or less


ha those motherfuckers with their rapacious supply and demand graph, completely bumming everybody while drinking good coffee.

id pay 70 for nosebleed, why not. 100 for a ticket a bit closer, but spending more than that is fucking madness. instead of watching a live event on a screen you could live like a king for a week, going out for every dinner and getting drunk


UFC live sucks ass


I was going to take a few mates to 1st event been waiting for years for a good card ha

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