UFC Magazine in iran 2007







Until he posts a pic saying "Hi MMA.TV" or something personal, this guy could be taking someone else's content and trolling the UG.

He has yet to prove anything.

Dehghani seems to have put on some weight, though.


Dehghani stealing stuff from the french

He's gone way up in my estimation. I consider Dehghani the Del Boy or iran.

Lubhalla jubhalla

So does "dehghani," a mexican living in "Iran" have to abide by French copyright laws?

"Punch that into your translator."

How do you expect him to follow this direction?


KnoxvilleJKDBJJ: thanks Dear KnoxvilleJKDBJJ


Proof please.



IFL logo on iranian martial arts magazin (one gift to IFL) ......... http://www.ufciran.20m.com/images/ifl_iran_magazin.jpg

i love all mexican peopel but i am iran !! IRaniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

dehghani, please put the doubters to rest. Take a picture of yourself in front of an Iranian building or sign.

Quick:Dear Quick ?? please explain!! i dont know whate do you say!!!???

Dehghani, my friend, people here don't believe that you are in Iran. If you take a picture of yourself standing in front of an Iranian sign or building, we will know if you are being honest.

Quik: Dear Quik okkkkkk thanks

Quick : this photo belong my univercity .... www.sheeva.i8.com/photo6.html

dehghani, please send me an email at info@62gear.com with your address and I'll send you an MMA.TV shirt if you'd like to have one!

quick: Dear Quick wowwwwwwwww thanks i now send
please wait


We've seen the university photo. We know that the person in the image is located in Iran.

To prove to us that you are the person in the image, take a picture of you holding a sign saying "Hi KKM"

The mexican thing is a joke started by someone else. I put that in to joke around with my old friend Dehghni Sheeva Ali. He knows that.

But is he who he says he is?

Maybe, that is yet to be proven.

Quik, maybe you can explain this to him, like a good troll he doesn't acknowledge my requests.


Jump Kick: Dear Jump Kick ..ok !! next Day i get one photo with old lion stone (Near 1500 years ago)on my city and put on this web site at next night...Please wait

and add this photo (left its me and right is my master jalal in taekwondo near 5 years ago and back Flag is iranian logo falg ........ http://www.sheeva.i8.com/images/sheeva_taekwondo_.jpg