UFC needs to face the music and get rid of WMMA on men's cards

UFC knows WMMA sucks or they would have run an all WMMA card by now.

If WMMA is so great why won’t UFC or even Bellator or RIZIN do an all WMMA card?

UFC should either get WMMA out of the UFC and let PFL and ONE do it or they should just run their own WMMA cards out of the APEX and then the core UFC product can improve.

The talent pools in WMMA are tiny. PFL just had their 155 lb and 145 lb divisions fail and they ended them. Bellator has not been able to run WAW, WSW or WBW and those divisions actually have talent pools compared to that WFW division they have ran for Budd and Cyborg.

Japan had it right, they kept the WMMA out of PRIDE and DREAM and WMMA had their own shows via Smackgirl and Jewels.

RIZIN has WMMA and its a far worse product than PRIDE and DREAM.

I support WMMA and female fighters but don’t agree that the men should have to carry the females on their male cards. It cheapens the male MMA product for the audience who would like the choice not to watch WMMA on a given evening. Baseball, basketball, football, soccer etc… fans don’t get treated like that.

The day PFL announced a WLW division I knew it would end up a failing pile of garbage. One jacked up FW beating up on a bunch of washed BW’s at LW is not a division to invest in. Kayla was never gonna be another Ronda, she didn’t have the sex appeal. The public is not gonna get behind a female Brock Lesnar like they are say a Gina, Ronda or Tate.

At least Dana admitted it was a failure and got rid of WFW in the UFC. Thats a start.

UFC does not have that much confidence in WMMA and they know the talent pool is limited or they would run all female cards. They don’t. They make the men carry the women while they hope and pray to get another Gina or Ronda.

Last night the men delivered eight KO’s. The men got FOTN and the two POTN’s.

I fortunately skipped the Virna Jandiroba fight though I’m sure it sucked but the Blanchfield fight was terrible, especially as a main event and Blanchfield is one of the best talents they have in all of WMMA.

Come on Dana, just run WMMA on its own out of the APEX, call it UFC-W and let the 20% of casuals who want to watch that shit watch it without fucking up the normal UFC for the rest of us. And get 165 lbs and 175 lbs going. That was a no-brainer. College wrestling has two more weight classes than UFC between 140 and 180 lbs for a reason, thats were the population and talent is.


Agreed, WMMA in general is mostly cringe, and doesnt belong in the UFC.


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Women are just not athletic enough. I was watching Uconn women last night and they’re all just terrible athletes lol


I feel like 1% of the time its actually kind of a good thing for MMA. If you think all the stereotypes about how MMA/UFC is right wing, the fans are bigoted rednecks blah blah blah but then how many sports have produced as many female stars as MMA has?

The problem is, they try to put that shit on EVERY fucking card, usually multiple fights. Its way too much relative to the actual talent level, and it ruins the novelty.

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Thats why I said, let them run UFC-W cards if UFC sees profit in it. Letting it drag down the men’s product is not a good thing though.

All the hype started with Gina vs Cyborg and look what happened, Gina retired and moved on with life. Look at the next star Ronda… left the sport after two losses. Cyborg and Harrison have depended on size advantage and skill advantage for years.

Fighting in a cage for a living is just not a natural desire for a woman. Not for ten or twenty years.

The men’s UFC is not the right platform for the women who want to fight MMA, they need their own separate platform.

It should not be artificially propped up on the men’s cards like it has been. Thats not fair to the consumer.

Imagine if football fans had to watch a quarter of women’s football between the second and third quarter of their normal game? Think they would be happy about it? Its not right.

Give the fans the choice, give the women their own UFC-W cards.

WMMA has just been another way UFC has watered down the product like signed guys ranked 450th in the world to be on the prelims for cheap.


Separate female fight cards, make it happen UFC, let them get paid for what their worth.


The main event was an atrocity last night.


Watching blanchfield run in all night just to get tagged and then turn her head because she didn’t like to get punched was painful to watch . Their have been some good women’s fights over the years. But they are in the minority.


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It’s time, but they won’t do it.
I wish someone would ask Dana that question at a press conference.
Dana, have you thought about ending WMMA in the UFC? A lot of people don’t like it and are tired of seeing it on big cards.
This is when you will see Dana puss out.


I wonder how many pay per view buys a W-UFC card would do

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And if the fight nude, less than Zero!!!

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Yeah I haven’t seen a UFC fight in around 18 months now. Lemme know if they ever put women in a separate league and I’ll tune back in

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or do all the women fights on early prelims

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Invicta has held three WFW fights in the past two years. They have not held a WFW title fight since 2019.

One of the most crazy and backwards things I’ve ever seen in MMA is when UFC, Bellator, PFL and Invicta were all trying to run and had titles in WFW or WLW in the cast of the PFL until they switched to FW.

As for Bellator… two of Bellators top FW’s are 41 and 43 year old UFC BW’s. One of Bellator’s eight FW’s they have ranked at #8 in their top 10 is 1-4 in the promotion.

Imagine going 1-4 and getting the #8 spot in a real division.

Not surprised WFW failed in UFC, PFL and Invicta. It was always a matter of time.

As for Bellator’s FW champ… well she just fights with the promoter on twitter. No fights in the new Bellator as of yet.

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Supplying some good stats, I would have never known this. With all the rage women of 2024 have, you would think there would be tons of talent in WMMA, but it is so weak.

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I won’t buy these mixed cards the UFC puts on. WMMA doesn’t belong on the same cards with the men’s fights.

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Did you really stop watching because of WMMA? Nothing wrong with that if so

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UFC is on BT Sport in the UK, and a BT Sport sub is £30 a month. They show fuck all else besides Champions League, and I’m a Spurs fan so that’s not important :joy:

I cancelled the subscription, a big part of it is due to the women fighting. And I’m all for Women fighting, and all for Invicta, which I watched long before the women came to the UFC, and when they did, I was a vocal supporter of it.

However, a decade on, and not only has it not blossomed, it’s become a joke. When it first came over, Rousey, Tate, Davis, McMann, Kedzie, Carmouche etc were all pretty solid fighters in their prime and it was entertaining watching them. You look at half these girls now and it’s fucking comical to think they’re in the top 10 of their division.

I’m still watching MMA, plenty of other leagues, not like the talent in the Men’s divisions is at much of a level right now, the sport as a whole has regressed, mainly due to prioritising mouthpieces over talented fighters in my opinion. I’d rather watch high level Men’s Kickboxing & Wrestling than MMA right now as it stands.

It’s a fucking shame