UFC on ESPN 36 official discussion thread

Smolka has gained a lot of muscle over the years

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Good scrap

Now this is a fucking fight

Holy shit man


Nasty finish. I need more screens for all these fights!

His leg was jacked

Put that man in the damn game!

Great fight. Smolka is tough as fuck to come back after that 1st and win that 2nd rnd.

Another chick fight that goes to a decision complete with “Kee-Yahs”

These guys are falling all over without being hit. Looked like the 3 stooges.

Looks like I got that 1 right eh smiley haha. Had the ribas decision not been fucked by the judges, my parlay would have been looking sweet right about now. No matter. Thats why the pros like me bet on the individual fights as well and spann was like +350. Man the guys hands are fast as well and great size for the division. Some of his fight iq needs to be improved but so damn athletic and so big for the weight class. skys the limit for spann imo. takedown defense needs work but his ability to get back to his feet is excellent.

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The hulk has fight iq of an acorn


Now were gonna see jan get it done eh boys. I increased my bet on him now that the odds have made him even more of a dog. Could be a boring dec or a KO from jan imo. Might be a close split too if its a slower technical fight which it may be. Both have histories of that.


Rakic has history of total domination

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Kenan Thompson Reaction GIF by Saturday Night Live

Let’s go Illyrian worior, that’s some superior gens my friends

Felt a little bad for Smolka. Grant hits hard af at all times with every shot.

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Somewhere HBO is preparing a “Cease and desist”.

“Anvil of Crom” ! NICE.