UFC sells branding rights to Crypto.com for $175 million

So how much more should fighters get paid exactly?

Like i mentioned, I don’t know the answer to that it’s a complicated debate.

I just know that the length of their fights is not a metric that should matter.

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For sure it is. Fighters get paid for their performance. The UFC makes money on the event that fighters fight on. They get paid based on the work they do for that event and that event alone.

Sure they get paid for the media work they do for the event. Usually thats like $4000 or so.

But yeah man, all the extra work they do outside of that event is on them.

The UFC does not require fighters to train. The UFC requires fighters to fight at a specific time, do media, show up on weight, complete drug tests.

It’s unfortunate that the fighters are getting nothing with this deal. There is so many ways on a technical level for fighters to benefit from crypto. I started a Cardano stakepool called FIGHT pool that aims to do just that…give back to the fighters! I partnered with a local MMA promotion called Combat Night and the Josh Samman Foundation to get this started. And this is all possible because of the Cardano blockchain. Hopefully someone at the UFC will be able to set something up so the fighters can benefit from crypto.