UFC should not be live........

Call me crazy but if they did it the way Pride does it then they can edit things out and be able to show at least 2 to 3 more fights in there PPV time slot.

Yeah, I tend to feel the same way. They could have more fights, better production, and fewer glitches and awkward moments.

NO way the reason that I feel the UFC is better is because it is live and that makes it more exciting.I bet a live Pride would be exciting as well but UFC is better live IMHO.

I agree, I like watching as it happens, barbarian.

You are crazy.

It should be broadcast days in advance.

I agree it should be broadcast in advance. Can you imagine how Pumped Rogan would be? It would be like "this guy is going to have a fantastic ground game!" "His punches are going to have incredible power".

It is much better live.

IF you just want to see great UFC fights. Order Ultimate NYE's every year

lmao @ "broadcast days in advance".

I would definetly like to see more fights, but I love watching it live.

Me too Barbarian.....Live is the only way to watch the fights. It definitely adds drama and realism to the moment. 

UFC is by far the most exciting MMA show on PPV and it is partially due to being live and partially due to having extremely competive fights.

I would never want them to not go live. This is absolutely crazy and that is proved by the fact that Orcus voted for tape delay.

UFC must be live. No other way,IMO.

live = best

HELL NO. People like watching events live. Make it tape delayed and the buyrate will fall by at least 50%.

Its way better Live.

This thread is silly. At the very least the fights should be
broadcast live. If you want an edited version with more fights,
etc. maybe they could ALSO show that a couple of days later,
but there's no reason not to show it live.


That's like watching Monday night football on Tueday.

I'm every bit as excited for Pride shows as UFC shows, and those aren't live.

The hardcore fans (all 3,000 or so of them) might prefer live shows, but for the other 90,000 and all the others Zuffa is trying to attract, a show with more fights, better editing, and smoother production might not be a bad idea.

I don't know if I would sacrafice the excitment of watching it live to watch a few more of the undercard fights.