UFC Strike count #s are just wrong....

In what world did Bendo land more punches than Edgar?


Jabs that don't land count? Phone Post

Edgar's punches tended to catch a lot of air and arms. Phone Post

They need to get rid of that bullshit. I like Henderson, was rooting for him, not a big fan of Edgar - but I still felt that count was way off.

Plus we have Goldie telling us various historical crap about who has landed the most significant strikes in the lightweight division and so on....

LMAO the math wasn't even right. Can someone up a screenshot of that nonsense?

MMA.tv should do there own independent stat count.

Bendo's did not land that many jabs. Edgar slipped 90% of them.

Meanwhile Edgar landed numerous body shots and right hands over the top.

Agreed. Bullshit on those stats.

total bullshit stats ..

Seriously! There's no way those #'s were correct.  Is Goldie keeping track himself?

Oh wow, they only count punches and not kicks? Thanks, never knew that, GTFOH Phone Post

 From another thread.....

This is one of the few fights I have to go back and watch again, and, maybe again. I felt the count was well off. Phone Post

So over this but anybody can look and know those stats are off.

Not to mention Takedowns Attempts/Successful

Submission Attack/Submission Defence


I counted the same number of strikes, Benson obviously won the fight, I have no clue what some people were watching.

 Like so...


 ^laughing at the "Bendo clearly outstruck him" comments in light of the fightmetric stats

scrapdo -  ^laughing at the "Bendo clearly outstruck him" comments in light of the fightmetric stats

Those fightmetric stats are garbage, the problem about fightmetric is they count every baby kick as a significant strike, LOL at edgar landing more leg kicks than Benson, that is utterly retarded. I am still laughing at people who had Frankie winning, doesn't matter Benson still has the belt!!!