UFC trying for Lombard vs Woodley

Via MMA Opinion. Saying that Lombard has accepted and they are waiting on word from Woodley. I like this match up. Now hoping that we see Brown vs Condit when both are healthy Phone Post 3.0

Perfect matchup.

Beep Phone Post 3.0

ATT vs. ATT Phone Post 3.0

Love this. And love Brown v Condit. Score one for UFC matchmaking.

Lombard against any top guy would be great.

My body is ready Phone Post 3.0

Both ATT guys, no? Phone Post 3.0

As rampage would say, this is some true black on black crime.

Lombard is gunna starch him. Phone Post 3.0

I think it's telling that Lombard accepted quickly and Woodley is having to think about it.. Phone Post 3.0

T wood would probably go back st louis to trane Phone Post 3.0

Power vs power. This fight has potential to be great! I'm in and ready. Phone Post 3.0

Good to hear Lombard will be ready to start training again soon.. I thought he would be out a long time after hearing about his injury

They need to try really HARD.

Please let it happen!

Woodley said he wanted a fan friendly fight. Let's see if he was serious. Phone Post 3.0

Even god gets a hard on for this fight. Phone Post 3.0

both ATT guys, it's gonna be a great fight.

Yes. Please. Phone Post 3.0

thank you!