Ultimate Dog for Fighters

Every one likes pitbulls and what not but holy crap, how many of you guys have seen Presa Canario's? There like pitbulls on steroids

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Those muscles are huge!

one dog wan't enough for me. I have a chihuahua and a yorkie mix. thats how we roll in H-town.

Thats a big bitch.

holy sh*t. That thing is huge! I dont think it is purebred pit though. looks like there is a little boxer in it.

"I dont think it is purebred pit though. looks like there is a little boxer in it."

It's neither. it is a Presa Canario.

In California, those dogs are bred by the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang. A few years ago, 2 of them killed and dismembered a woman in San Francisco as she was entering her apartment; the dogs' owners were affiliated with the Aryan Brotherhood.

My Boston Terrier can keep an eye on two opponents at once!

No idea but a guy at my gym has one and there AWESOME. If your not an alpha male then you will end up being your dogs bitch for sure

"They aren't known for their emotional/mental stability but that's always got more to do with how they're raised and bred than anything else."

They are working dogs. They have a high drive that needs to be channeled into something. The problems are when a) some jerkoff turns that drive into violence or b) when some jerkoff gets one because it looks cool and does nothing to train it and socialize it properly.

They are awesome dogs, but I still prefer my Dogo!

"But often people with "small penis" complexes get dogs. "Look at how big my dog is. I must be a bad ass."

Not so much big dogs, but definitely dogs like pit bulls. Personally I prefer a large dog because of there temperament. Nothing is worse then a yappy dog that pisses when you get near it.

I just like the way they look. Really muscler, I appreciate a healthy looking dog.

Alas, I got a yappy Pomeranian

That's a pretty big dog but it wouldn't be able to defend itself from a very fast and agile pit. It is far to slow and immobile. That also is too much weight on his frame and will make his joints bad after a while.

But he looks cool.

Presa Canarios are great dogs, they are very fast agile and the ones I've known have wonderful dispositions. They are my favorite dog, I'd love one but $$$$$.

For sure, the guy at my gym also breeds them.

Vicious dogs (similar to Tapout shirts, tatoos and mustaches) can be very unpredictable. The price of looking like a tough guy can be very high indeed.

Gator Man knows his shizzit!

A "pitbull" is a grouping of breeds to describe pitfighting dogs.

An American Pitbull Terrier is a breed.

That dog looks like a presa boxer mix, by the dark muzzle with white. And it looks to be on the juice!

Also, the Aryan brother hood thing you're talking about in SF was a Bull Mastiff.