ummm...Sugar Shane Nelson

pretty much two failures in one night. not such a big deal that he got triangled, but horrible that he earned himself Dana's title of "drunk retard."

glad he made it on the show, but damn he screwed up. why even let a drop of alcohol touch your lips with so much riding on the outcome of the show?

yea wtf! i seen it at 4pm but didnt want to spoil it but what the hell was he thinking. really looks for good penns gym. first manners silly ass on the tapout show now shane getting stupid on tuf

shoulda been Kaleo Kwan on the show....

Kaleo wouldve represented better. maybe not win it all, but i know he wouldnt have acted as immature as Shane. just is kinda painful to see our local kids get in there and act the fool.

i heard he got called back as a replacement

i bet he replaces Junie, after he gets his white-trash okole kicked off the show.

Disappointing. . . He was done after the knees he took with around 1:30 left in the 1st round

Was it just me, or was his jits also suspect?  I think I heard his opponent say he was a purple or

brown belt. . . wtf?

I hope he stays sober, works on some striking in the clinch and comes with a bigger tank of gas if he gets called back the second time around.

I second the Kaleo Kwan nomination. . .

Mike Aina IMO would've been a better Team Penn representative (why did he get scratched at the last minute recently?) 

what an embarrassment.

what a waste of talent.

what a dissapointment.

Sugar Shame Nelson

it was a shame I hope he gets another shot and lays off of the partying

having Alfred and now Shane play the stereotypical Hawaii fools is leaving a very bitter taste in my mouth right now.

I really hope Shame has a chance at redemption but for now I am disgusted.

Are they both from BJ's School?

ttt for the Menehune

*thats Kwan for the rest of you. Ha!

rip hawaii.

click here

If I owned the gym he trained at he would be out the door upon his return. Sadly a lot of these gyms are just enablers these days.

The local mokes on these shows are really giving Hawaii a bad name. But I guess it makes for good ratings.

Kaleo would have been a great addition to the show imo.

ok after a goodnight's rest I see that Shane's behavior was mainly due to alchohol and bad TV editing......


my dick is still in the custard pie. in other words, I'm still "puckin duskustid"

Sadly, there are a TON of talented tough local fighters here in Oahu and in the beighboring islands that would rep Hawaii well.

However after what? 7 Seasons....

we all know a respectful humble local boy fighter does not make "good tv" for Uncle Dana and the networks.

you know which Hawaii LW would charm the pants off America if he got into TUF?

Kolo Koka.


everyone knows that Anthony Torres got onto season 2 of TUF, right?  and i'm sure very few of you know that i was the one who convinced him to apply, produced his tryout video, and coached him thru all the interviews. i also went direct to Dana and Joe Silva to help get him on. i worked my ass off to get Torres onto that show.  i even created a huge public relations tour for him and TUF2 when he returned from filming, getting him onto the cover of Midweek, feature stories in the local newspapers, and TV interviews.

but i bet NONE of you know that i also did the exact same thing for Kolo Koka too. in fact, SpikeTV wanted Kolo MORE than they wanted Torres. the producers LOVED Kolo. but UFC officials were concerned that Kolo was too small, since that season was for WWs and not LWs. so, Spike and UFC went with Torres instead of Kolo.     

whats wrong with you island people????