Undergound roll call. What's your current work-out routine/diet/suppliment routine?

Shes basically doing it to tick it off the bucket list

Shes always been a runner and done halfs and like weekend long relays lol

Do you know why theyre called marathons?

According to legend, the Greek messenger Pheidippides had to run from the battlefield in Marathon all the way to Athens to announce the defeat of the Persians . After he arrived he died of exhaustion.

Lol, i bring up the point that the original guy actually died doing that shit to her jokingly all the time.

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Is it even a relationship if we’re not informing them of shit we know they don’t want to hear? Ha!

turning 40 in a few days and just started to inch my way back into fitness after doing absolutely nothing (literally no physical activity) for at least 3 years except a random Muay thai class here and there

i started back on what i used to do last week

I do not lift at all.
I do not take any supplements other than caffeine pre workout

everyday: 50 pushups in the morning - 50 pushups in evening

Monday : 2-3 mile warmup run/jog + 2 hours of Muay Thai/Boxing class

Tuesday: one or more of the following - Swim laps (2 miles minimum) - (MTN bike 10-20 miles) - Hike hilly trails (5-10 miles)

Wednesday: 2-3 mile warmup run/jog + 2 hours Muay Thai/Boxing

Thursday :2-3 mile warmup run/jog + 2 hours of Muay Thai/Boxing

Friday: Moderate bike ride and/or Moderate hike or long walk - easy swimming ( 1/2 mile)

Saturday: 2-3 mile warmup run/jog + 4 hours of Muay Thai (2 sessions)

Sunday (rest day): Easy swimming - casual walking - casual bike ride

If true that’s hilarious

in will add later