Underground Propaganda

The Underground forum is simply a propoganda piece for BJJ, I just saw many threads and posts deleted that tried to shed any truth about the Royce/Yoshida fight.

Thats right, if you don't agree with the moderator you get shut down and your posts deleted.

Seems that the fight was a draw and that now equals a Royce win, if you disagree you are censored.

I like both BJJ and Judo and I like Royce and Yoshida but right now I am looking at BJJ in a very unfavorable light.

More and more keep getting deleted every minute now, this is funny, are they really that insecure that they need to shut down debate?

The moderator of the underground is a fraud and a cheat


Don't let the actions of a few BJJ zealots influence your views of the entire sport. All of the BJJ guys who I have trained with have been very cool and respectful of Judo. Most of the ill feelings seem to be isolated to a few of the people on both sides.

Pete Pelter

I know you are right but it just pisses me off that they act like children

Welcome to MMA.tv

Mike: Anytime the underground gets you down, visit the Atama BJJ forum or Michael Jen's or Roy Harris' forum. This is where the people that actually train in BJJ hang out. You'll get your respect for BJJ'ers back in a hurry. It works for me.

Sojourner is correct....

what are the web address to those forums? id like to check em out.



"Seems that the fight was a draw and that now equals a Royce win"

Well, who predicted that outcome ;)

The UG is a joke. Treat it accordingly.

My Royce/Yoshida thread was deleted from the UG also. ROFLMFAO!

I train BJJ and have nothing but respect for Judo. It's very embarrasing how some "fight experts", if they actually even train BJJ (or even train) present the very worst internet caricatures of BJJ practitioners.

Are you really suprised to read bjj bias threads on a mma forum?

Not really. The work some people would put in to look like idiots is amazing :-D

I feel the same way about this. They behave like 12 year old kids. I hate those childish bantering.

"They behave like 12 year old kids"

I think the majority of them ARE 12 year olds. Anyone that trains know that athletes of any pursuasion are tough. One thing that training has given me is the humbleness to acknowledge that nothing I do can prepare me for everything and that there alot of tough people out there in the world. Respect is a much better stance to take than arrogance.

Even though I have trained in BJJ, its unfortunate nothing is taught about respect and being good members of society. Something that Traditional arts definitely excel at.

comedian wrote, "It is pretty funny how the fight was a draw yet the Royce jockriders celebrate like it's a win."

Lol reminds of the second Ken vs Royce fight. When Ken claimed his one punch as a "moral victory" the BJJ guys all fly off the handle and claim it was a draw and that Ken couldn't do anything.

My favorite was when Quincy tried to explain how BJJ was Judo. Now THAT was some subtle humor and irony, and chumming for sure.

Even when he (and I) tried to explain that to say so was a COMPLIMENT to BJJ, most of the UG didn't get it.

Life goes on, read the UG for entertainment purposes.

Ben R.

Don't be down on the UG mods. I just saw a thread that suggested this last fight was fixed so Royce would win, and it was deleted in under a minute.

The mods here at bjj.tv don't allow that kind of unsubtantiated attack on pro fighters, and I for one am glad to see it.

erased countless threads and posts of mine that tried to shed some rationality and objectivity. This place is ridiculous. I thought mma.tv was above Sherdog. Guess it's not.