ignore me

"Once with Jeff Blake in Hermosa and once in HI with my wife, Mrs. Kentucky 2000 Tonya Elliott. "

Er...need i say it? *cough* pics *cough*

Undisciplined poster wing jitsu


*WOW* how do u have time to train and teach :-)

from the bio on http://www.tonyaelliott.com/home:

" I continued with my kickboxing classes and became very interested in the martial art classes, which were Jeet Kune Do and Kali. For those of you who do not know what these are the first is a self defense system that Bruce Lee developed while he was here in the United States and the kali is a Filipino martial art that deals with weapons such as sticks and knives. As I got further involved in the martial arts I became more and more confident. I even entered a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu tournament where I was the winner in the women's division. I brought the gold medal back to my gym. I felt awesome. "

Hey Burton. Did you get my e-mail. J.M.

Burt, great to have you here. I think I may have to re-locate to either Hawaii or Portland soon...I'ts a tough decision.

Hey Paul...I thought it was "Chango Desnudo" (naked monkey).


I hate you JKDfighter



make sure ern-dpg don't post pix of your wife :-) do you want to consider her for the Miss JKD contest? more power to you and to your wife and her training!


out of respect to JKDF, i ain't gonna post pics. is it in the man code or some unwritten law against posting pics of friends/brothers GF's/wives?

Just Desnudo. Although an arrestee described me to the judge as a "shaved ape" during his bond call a few monthes ago. It took weeks of therapy and group to work through the emotional damage.

Just showtunes wasn't enough to bring 'em in so with the club owners approval.....

Thats okay, I'm bringing a couple jars of peanut butter. We'll be buds in no time.

Its the code. I can't believe you bastards even clicked on the link from Scott's page...., despicable.

How could anyone ignore you? Beauty and brains, I think I love you, so what am I so afraid of, is it that I'm not sure of, the way that you might feeeeeel, I think I love you.

-Paul "desnudo" Sharp

You are a freaking whack job Sharp. By the way congrats on the 'promotion" of sorts to Instuctor/Coach. It is most dererved.

I must admit, less than a minute after I saw the post I was on Google searching "Mrs. Kentucky 2000 Tonya Elliott".... Braggart! ;')


Thanks bro, I still haven't received my t-shirt. Adam and Luis said they got cool t-shirts. What gives?!



actually i don't have JKDF's url bookmarked. i did a google search and found the site. what's his URL?


u would brag too, right? :p

thanks ern-dpg!

The guy never came back. Must be because we
are just too thuggish. We have a new rule, though.
No observers. If someone wants to check out
class, they have to get in and try it out.
I will meditate on all this and get back to everyone
once I have become attuned with the void, and
discover the cause for my erroneous ways. (I am
sure some of the roots are up in Portland!)

The answer exists at a Portland establishment called. . . . ."Mary's dine and dance", but Burt, you already knew that.

Paul. . .why must everything degenerate to 'naked' with you? I have moved my blind dog's bed into the spare bedroon where you will be crashing. That way, by the time you arrive. . .he will be very territorial about it.

-Matt Thornton

What "undisciplined brawling"??? I wasn't training last week. Maybe he was watching Guillaume :)

Burton, you need to engage in deep meditation and learn how to channel your chi so that you may become more spiritual. I must go now so that I may practice my katas and chi sao.

Desnudo... Love it!

The JKD Showtunes guy "naked"???

Demi (Megustaria ver Paul Sharp desnudo)

I had a visitor at my class who has a traditional martial arts background. His observation was that the way we trained was merely "undisciplined brawling". I am very happy about that, because that is what real fights tend to look like. Our visitor could not distinguish the techniques that were being applied and countered spontaneously, and that the sparring was traversing all ranges. Let's hear it for Undisciplined Brawling!

YEAH. Bravo! J.M.