unusual submissions

What unusual submissions have you seen implemented in the cage/ring?

Frank Mir over Pete Williams

In a movie, Azamat Bagatov vs. Borat Sagdyev.

Salaverry over Frykland

Jason VonFlue vs. Alex Karalexis.

He let Alex catch him in a guillotine and he modified it to a version of an arm triangle. Very slick.

Video or pics?

VonFLue choke is on youtube, after seeing that choke I learned it and started using it like crazy.

"Frank Mir over Pete Williams"

^+1 Here

I Von Flue choke the piss out of people all the time, I love that move. Gogoplata is my personal favorite.

I seem to catch people in the "Von Flue" choke a lot too...it's quite easy, especially if you have an opponent who doesn't understand that you can't guillotine somebody while they have side control...=)

See submission at end of this fight:


Also dont forget Genki's airplane spin to ankle lock.

Chonan's set-up for the heelhook win over Anderson Silva.

ttt for the triple decker pecker wrecker! Keith Hackney used it so well on Joe Son.

I forgot to say that a banana split (its called different things I guess) was the most unusual I've seen

that darce choke (sp) that da spida used was a new one on me

i promise one day i will hit a flying omapalata in competition

when bohlander won by crucifix, at the time i didnt even understand the move

what else is an iron maiden called?

Ivan Salavery's figure four body lock on Frykland was pretty cool. I guess that you would also have to rank Tom Erikson's rape choke pretty high on the list as well.

Although I've never seen in an actual fight, the scrotoplata is one of the
knarliest things one guy can do to another.

However, Dennis Hallman slapped an enchilada on an opponent...one
hand over the nose and mouth. He had the guy wrapped like a package...

A little help???


"Frank Mir over Pete Williams"

The funny thing about that was the way that Pete played right into it,completely oblivious to the impending sub. Even Frank was surprised that Pete left his arm there to be taken. BJJ 101 right there.

"when bohlander won by crucifix, at the time i didnt even understand the move"

Seeing that allowed me to tap a JJJ black belt(who was a BJJ blue belt) in one of my first BJJ classes. I felt really smart when he said,"I don't think you can make me tap with thi-GGGKKKK(tap,tap,tap). Wow, you did."

Then he kicked my ass for 15 minutes.