Valdosta Fight Results

Jesse Hendrix drew Nathan McCall in a kids exhibition

Walt Davis lost to Heath Davis by rear naked in the 1rst round

Cody Millisevic lost to Noel Poff by decision. Solid kickboxing match that Millesevic could have won the decision on if not for a standing 8 in round 1

Joel Weldon lost to Peter Riveco by decision. Joel looked like he wanted to stand, and Riveco managed to get it to the ground early in every round

Mikey Gomez beat Jason Detton by armbar, rd 1

Brian Doile beat Kenneth Graham by armbar in rd 1 in a good fight that Graham was winning up to the end

Trey Brown and Cole Miller fought an exhibition after their opponents didn't show. Good fight though

Jason Barrett beat Tim Hendrix in rd 2 when the corner threw in the towel after several knockdowns

Louizi Faravatini won over Shane Blair in an exhibition by rear naked, rd 1

Andy Foster beat Derek Boikens by rear naked with like 4 seconds left in rd 1

Charles McCarthy beat Jeff Fenno by choke in something like 20 seconds

Shaun Gay lost to Mike Lee in rd 1 by ef stoppage from strikes

all in all, it was a great night of fights. anyone who missed it missed some good ones

Should that last one be Mike Lee?

Great job Gracie Barra Orlando!!!!!!

Mikey Gomez beat jason Detton by armbar, rd 1

Louigi Faravatini won over Shane Blair in an exhibition by rear naked, rd 1

Shaun Gay lost to Mike Lee in rd 1 by ef stoppage from strikes

yeah, mike Lee. it was a typo

yeah maybe i was losing on the cards, but i was going to finish him when Cam broke us up, then i put him on his back again under my triangle and was punching him when he gave up his arm. He was never near finishing me. But he was tough as hell and a really great guy, as are all the guys from AFA. :D

sure, I didn't mean it as a knock on you. I was just saying he was up on the cards, cause he was. Good job by both of you

why do you feel the mccarthy-fenno fight shouldnt have happened?


I didn't take it as a knock. :D

I dont think there were any serious injuries, which is fantastic!

other than Boikens's eye, i didnt' see any serious injury at all, and hopefully that won't turn out to be too bad

james, if its ok with you I'd rather just leave it at that

Boikens is really a nice guy, he was in awesome shape. If he sticks with it, he'll be a force in pro mma. Andy was really cool in the ring against a very intense opponent.

ttt for Gracie Barra Orlando and Marcio Simas 3-0 for the night... this is a good up and coming team...

Seth dude, you are huge! haha ;D


Jason.thanks for posting the results I was getting around to it but I was wore out after a super long day. We tryed our best to put on a good show and nobody got hurt so were pretty happy with how it went.

special thanks to matthew waller without him this thing would not have been possible he made sure we had our shit together and we did everything by the book.

to all the fighters we thank you for having faith in us to put on a good show in a safe enviorment,you guys are the shit!

many thanks to everyone involved,Richard

Evolution promotions would especially like to thank the I.S.C.F. and the I.K.F. for having faith in us to put on an event in a professional manor.

ttt for doomsday and baby boy!

no problem richard

Jason: I think ill take your comments as a compliment as I have no idea how else to take it. Fenno made many comments on how he was going to knock me the fuck out so I felt I had to teach him a lesson in there. I was coming off a 2 fight losing streak and felt alot of pressure to win the fight.

I appreciate fenno taking the fight.

I have never turned down an opponent and If you look at the guys I have faught I dont think you would doubt it.

Hope you enjoyed the show.

andy foster is a bad man!

I have to make some comments here...
after watching the tapes we have...

First, concerning the stand-up of Dooms/Kenneth...

On the tape it DOES look like I stepped in and stood up the fight at a very wierd time as Kenneth was on his back and Dooms was in the process of standing up over him. This looks kind of bad because Kenneth trains with me.

What happened was that the two fighters were scuffling standing up and kenneth went through the ropes and halfway out onto the judges table. At that moment I yelled for the fighters to break and started making my way toward the action. By the time I got there (and into the frame of the camera) Kenneth had rolled back into the ring and Dooms was standing up over him. I had already yelled "break" so I stood by that command and restarted the action. No one really had any solid position as Kenneth was buttscooting and Dooms was standing over him. As far as Dooms being "about to finish him", that is all speculation. It may or may not have happened but since I called for a break before they even reached that position, I stood by that command. It turned out to be a great fight with a lot of action by both guys.

Secondly, I want to publicly apologize to the promoters and the other officials and to Andy Foster and his camp as well as Derek Boikens and his camp.
I made possibly the worst decision I have ever made while reffing during their fight. Andy landed a solid high kick to Boiken's face and Boikens dropped. Andy backed off so I stepped in betwen them and then realized that Boikens had popped right back up. This guy's athleticism is off the hook and that kick would have completely stopped most other fighters. After seeing how quickly he popped right back up and coupled with the fact that Andy didn't follow him down and try to pound him, I realized I had made a premature call.

As a ref I HATE having to second guess myself as I know how bad it looks. I had to stop and ask myself a serious question... was my "image" as a ref more important than me admitting I was wrong and robbing this guy of this opportunity that he had prepared so hard for? As a fighter myself I had to put myself in his shoes. I then chose to restart the fight. Neither guy seemed to complain (and Andy had every right to, as well as his camp, but no one did). If Boikens had gone on to win the fight it would have been major controversy so I am glad everything turned out the way it did and it turned out to be one hell of a 4 minute round.

I promise to try my best and not let anything like this happen again in the future as long as I am reffing in GA/southeast.

Overall it was a great show with some really exciting fights.