Valente Bros. Black Belt rolling level?

There’s literally a little bit of Shen in all of us

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Hubba hubba.

Steal away!

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My first art was Danzan Ryu ju jitsu and that whole world of “JJJ” as BJJ people call it is 100% full of stuff that MAYBE could possibly work if the stars aligned just right.

I studied Hapkido, Aikido & FMA. Same thing. It’s all an exploration of what is THEORETICALLY POSSIBLE. But no one can pull this stuff off in sparring outside of a very talented person doing it on a beginner during light sparring once in a blue moon, if that.

Just because something is possible, doesn’t mean it’s probable.

–And that’s where most TMAs really drop they ball. They tend to be more explorations of a bunch of combative possibilities, rather than rock solid advice on what you SHOULD literally attempt in a real situation.


That’s a huge class! Winning!

I rolled with two valente blue belts approx 20 years ago when i was a blue.
Their gamea at the time were on par and their defense was solid.
Other than that i cant give a clear evaluation.

More about brown belt being the “sloth belt” please.

They show up late to class and just lay on people for an hour.


I did slap a waki-gatame on a guy who tried to push me down a flight of stairs when I was stationed in Japan. I have also used a lot of wrist locks to control people and put them in cuffs. Stand up locks have their place. It just depends on the situation.
If we were still carrying swords I think people would be more inclined to learn and be proficient in said techniques.

You don’t carry a sword???

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Civilians were never carrying swords in towns or cities at any point in history.

So are you saying a competitive Black Belt Judoka is more capable on the street then say an Ed Parker Kenpo Black belt? Asking for a friend, lol

Yes… BUT a Legit late 1960’s era Tacy Kenpo Black Belt --with the black & white checkerboard gi-- would beat them both in seconds. No question.



I work for the government and I am here to help.

I’d sell my two left nuts for one of those!! Nobody would mess with me, but I’d want them to try.


I got up to brown belt under the Valente system. My instructor was a black belt under them. Left halfway through brown and received my black from Soneca. I would say yes, the rolling aspect of it they were lacking in a lot of ways. I cross trained ALOT, which was frowned upon and certainly wasnt the norm. Visited other schools, judo, wrestling, tournaments, seminars, etc. If you were on bottom it was closed guard or nothing because open guard or half guard was pretty much a death sentence in their eyes. The lack of emphasis on takedowns was a guarantee to be on bottom initially, though guard pulling was frowned upon lol. The knife, gun and stick defense stuff is laughable and I feel is just there to fill out the curriculum and makes students feel like they are getting an all encompassing program.


How were you compared to other brown belts when you rolled?

Isn’t that the Helio way with the guard? I remember reading Relson felt the same way and I believe Royce said the same thing in his book about the half guard. Im shocked they are that way about takedowns/throws, I saw that have a takedown class with randori at the end.

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middle of the pack, nothing special