First off, I would like to apologize to everyone that has ordered from me in the last couple of months. Things went from bad to worse to downright shitty and I fell behind on things. But, there is light at the end of the tunnel (hopefully, it's not a freight train) and everything is getting back on track.


I came home from work yesterday and there was the crate, waiting for me in the driveway. I immediately walked over to the garage, pulled my tools out, and busted it open as quickly as possible. Then my son and I put it together in my workout area.

We stepped back to look at it and he said "Man, it looks cool, huh?" I said "Yep, now get on it." After fidgeting with the buttons I set him up to climb the Washington State Monument (easiest one). I thought he was going to barf but he toughed it out and finished without getting off.

I've been waiting for the Versaclimber to arrive before I started making any serious posts about the Intervals video that Taku and I are creating. The video will revolve around Taku's infamous Intervals and will show how to perform these training sessions with the Versaclimber, bodyweight exercises, dumbbells, Clubbells, sandbags, sprints, and even intervals in the pool.

The package will be similar to the Mod. 1 setup with an instructional book and DVD. Taku and I are on a deadline for this coming weekend to have all of the exercises listed, book layout, and video format organized. It's going to rock!

Thanks for everyone's patience in the last few months. It means a lot!

I'll be keeping you guys posted.


Good stuff man :D


sounds awesome! can't wait to see it

sounds great! can't wait to order it!

Looking forward to this one.

where can i order a versaclimber?

Which model?

I just might have to save some money up and purchase a versaclimber.

What did it cost to get that shipped?

Being the broke mutherfucker that I am, and seeing that there are NO versaclimbers in South Corea. I have opted to use the old-fashioned "versaclimber."

Me + a mountain = versaclimber.

Of course, I can't really adjust the settings on the mountain, but I can go up using different / more challenging paths. Also, the mountain doesn't give me a constant upper body workout, but it sure fucks up my legs! Lastly, and the biggest drawback is that I cannot use my versaclimber indoors...

Scrapper, my versaclimber in Hawaii was Wilhemina Drive. Ever chuck it up that road? It was one mile of pure hell. I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on the Wilhemina run.


Wish I could afford a VC - looks like a solid piece of kit.


Can't seem to find the VC anywhere in South Africa. Does anybody know if I can get it out here and what the cost would be?