Very scary attack *warning:

This is posted on the OG,but thought i would share with this forum,and why karate 'self defense' would be ineffective in this standoff.

This mischevious Skater was confronted by someone who's car was damaged during the skater's foolish stunt's. The skater was conftronted in a malicious wreckless manner which caused him to put up his defenses. In the end the skater struck the confronter over the head numerous times while adding a soccer kick, this video is scary and shows everyone out there how quickly things can get extremly violent and how many people really dont care. The only form of martial art that would have a 50% chance of defusing this problem would be BJJ, kickboxing, judo,wrestling or any other type of grappling art, something that involves closing the distance as quickly as possible.

Any Martial art (kung fu, tae kwan do) that involves point strikes and distant strikes would be mauled, as this skateboard more than cover's the distance it will take for you to get in to try and use your strikes. A karate guy at my work says he kicks people in kneecap's, this guy wasnt even close enough to strike a kneecap and he was struck with the skateboard... why does karate trash our art and insist on there's being so superior, tell me a karate guy would properly defend against this kind of attacker.

Thanks for posting the clip - is there any way to save it?

karate, bjj whatever... you-unarmed. opponent - weapon. skaterboard = "club".

no matter what your art of choice is you have 2 options. back the fuck up or close the gap. closing the gap almost ensures that you're going to take a crack.

now you decide. is a ding on the car worth the stitches/bruise?

I'm not too bright myself. I'd probably say yes and ground n pound, but that's probably not the best option. call the cops. that's why you pay taxes and car insurance.

Easy. though I disagree about striking. The skater looked a little hesitant and we dont know how he would have reacted to a thai front kick or an elbow across the face. However I am pretty sure I would have just doubled him slammed him, and if he was still concious elbowed his face into the cement. That there was an easy victory for someone with the balls to premptively strike. unfortunately the dude in the white shirt showed weakness, and skater guy who was a little intimidated at first capitolized on it.

"That there was an easy victory for someone with the balls to premptively strike. "

I can understand and see this point.

he shouldnt have smacked him on the head; he shoulda tackled him instead.

I tried to watch that damn thing twice and both times when I pushed play it kicked me off aol

man, that is some messed up chit! He could've killed that guy! I think that guy was on something.

If the guy knew bjj I think it would've turned out different. but after the first blow maybe it wouldn't matter what style you knew because you wouldn't be able to think straight like this guy.

that skater dude needs a lesson of respect, what an @$$hole.

the guy he clubbed with his board was stupid. he engaged with that headlock thingie then backed off to exchange words. go for it or keep yer mouth shut.

im not sure if alot of people would be able to recover as quickly as the guy did after the first blow, that was a vicious shot, and the last hit to the head before he skated his board into him looked like it hurt,

my buddy is a skater,and they favor hitting people with board's, the terminalogy for it is called 'Truck slapping', and i hear him use it all the time, this kid almost got truck slapped and so on, truck's are the metal brackets on the bottom side of the board that hold the whell's,


wtf is this age verification shit with a credit card? It's not even accepting my credit card to let me watch the damn video

Click on the middle or low bandwith version.

FF to after first contact was made, and they're both standing there, right before the first board blow.

Think about what you'd attempt from there.

I get the feeling I'm the only one here that would have let the skater swing the board first, then close the distance. It seems like a pretty heavy piece of equipment that wouldn't be too tough to see coming and dodge. Who would wait for the swing then close, and who would close before the swing?

I probably would've been waiting for him to swing the board and then close the distance.

That was fucking ridiculous... that guy deserves to be tied down and beat over the head with a skateboard until he is mentally retarded.

throwing with him is obvious not the anwser, closing the distance is, and the second he starts to swing that thing back i would of backed the fuck out or lowered my level and shot in, because if you shoot real quick there is really no way he could connect with a overhead swing.

thats just sad that twenty or so people just stood there like idiots watching..i mean come on. A dudes getting hit in the head with a skateboard, help the poor guy out ya worthless fucks.

I hear what you are saying, grambo, but unless it is a friend of yours, it is not your problem. No since in risking your own neck. I've seen 1 on 1 fights where someone is being tooled, someone from outside tries to help the guy being pummelled, and ends up with 8 guys on him, sending him to the hospital. For nothing. That is a matter for the police.

Come on bro, it's a little different when someone's attacking another's head with a weapon. In the 1960's Kitty Genovese was murdered by a man who raped and stabbed her repeatedly for half an hour in front of 38 New York residents. Nobody went to help her. One person finally called the police, after she was dead.
(Sociology 32nd edition, Finsterbusch)

Bad move for the guy who owned the car. He learned the hard way.

Call the police and let them take care of it. Maximum effiency with minimum effort.