VFC Predator Card??

Victory Jay, You have any more matches setup other than the Reiner/Moreno? Is Brilz done fighting in the VFC, I read where he is going to be fighting Southworth or Irvin for the IFC HW title.

TTT for Victory Jay!!!


Full card will be announced on Nov 9th. Brilz in not done quite yet, but
he has definatly reached the peak in this region.

VERY BIG things coming for the VFC...

I would love to see Brilz fight one more time before hitting other shows. Cant wait for the full card.

Good Luck Jay.

Jason King


ttt for the VFC


I have not talked to you in a while. How are things?




ttt for Burns

Ideas for some of the fighters we would like to see...and arent really known ... yet

Ryan Roberts - He looked really strong vs Nick Wright and has muscles on muscles. Obviously he is a tough wrestler but he fights with real aggression. He desserves a shot.

Jeremiah Mertz - I know he trains with me - but gosh he is strong! For some reason I like to see the guys that remind me of the WWF...

Joe Ellenberger - Jake's not so little brother is one tough cookie! Once he is out of wrestling season - I would love to see him suplex another guy 30lbs larger than him.

Jason High - Probably the best known of the little known... He is the strongest fighter I have ever seen with the cardio he has. He has improved his BJJ defense greatly and simply doesnt quit.

LC Davis - Tough KC fighter that desserves a good fight. I would love to see him fight Ryan roberts.

I would love to see a card with these guys on it. Each of them desserve more recognition than they got -

I'd like to see LC, Jason and Joe on another VFC card too.
TTT for VJ and the VFC

I think LC Davis and and Aaron Steele match up well!

Im looking forward to seeing Burns fight, he is another huge addition at the already stacked 170lbs weight class!


Burn's is training like an animal for this fight!



i think brilz should be on the next tuf show. or just get his shot in the ufc. he is a stud.

brilz is a great fighter but his style is why he hasn't gotten a shot at a bigger show.

ttt for the card