video/book to enhance workouts??

I train judo and bjj. I would like to enhance my fitness level, specifically, body weight and fighting endurance.

What do you think of the following?

-Matt Furey's books

-Gladiator Conditioning by Mark Hatmaker (dvd w/ workbook)

-Inner Realm by Rhadi Ferguson (dvd)

-Superfit by Royce Gracie & James Strom

-Mod 1 by Fish

  • or body weight conditioning by fish

-The ultimate Home workout by Frank Shamrock (video)


Mod 1 or whatever the new dvd Rhadi Ferguson has coming out (it looks pretty good).

I recommend Mod 1. Great workouts and you simply can't beat the price.

Scrapper's Mod. 1 Workout, Bas Rutten's MMA Workout and anything written by Ross Enamait, at


one of the books has 50 body weight routines for 30 $.

either that or

Ross Enamait has a new book that should be out in about a month, and he said that is better then any of his other books.


also check out

good stuff