Video: Matt Hume Fights

Matt Hume (born July 14, 1966) is a retired American mixed martial artist. He is the founder and head trainer at AMC Pankration in Seattle.

He has trained numerous world class fighters including Josh Barnett, Chris Leben, Hayato Sakurai, Akira Shoji, Matt Brown, Rich Franklin, ONE FC bantamweight champion Bibiano Fernandes and UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson


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Matt Hume vs Katsuomi Inagaki  -  Pancrase - Pancrash! 3  (3/21/94)  *pro mma debut

Matt Hume vs Scott Bessac  -  Pancrase - Road To The Championship 1  (5/31/94)


Matt Hume vs Ken Shamrock  -  Pancrase - Road To The Championship 2  (6/6/94)

Matt Hume vs Manabu Yamada  -  Pancrase - Road To The Championship 3  (7/26/94)


Matt Hume vs Scott Sollivan  -  Pancrase - Road To The Championship 5  (10/15/94)


Matt Hume vs Minoru Suzuki  -  King of Pancrase Tournament Opening Round  (12/16/94)


Matt Hume vs Erik Paulson  -  Battlecade - Extreme Fighting 3  (10/18/96)

Matt Hume vs Pat Miletich - Battlecade - Extreme Fighting 4 (3/28/97)

Matt Hume vs Kenny Monday  - The Contenders  (10/11/97)  *sub grappling


Matt Hume  vs  Luis Brito  -  ADCC: 1998  *sub grappling


Matt Hume vs Shawn Peters  -  HOOKnSHOOT: Absolute Fighting Championship 1  (12/13/02)

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Matt Hume! Now thats an old school name i think a lot of people dont know about and his role in the best mma org. ever. Judged in Pride FC for several years after his fighting career. Also seems to be a really nice well spoken person, never read anything bad about him. Phone Post 3.0

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i still havent found out where he learned his submissionfighting


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