Video: Rio Heroes 1-4 "The Raw Beginning"

RioHeroes 1: Our first RioHeroes episode was a bonafide backyard brawl, taking place in a parking lot on the streets of Brazil. Watch these warriors collide in battle utilizing their various fighting styles and martial arts techniques in a true vale tudo competition. Saturday, February 24, 2007

RioHeroes 2:  Recognizing the authentic savagery of RioHeroes, mixed martial arts legend Jorge Pereira steps in to referee the fights. The gladiators' ferociousness really shines inside an underground Brazilian gym. We even had a brave female contender take the mat to combat a veteran male fighter. You don't want to miss it! Saturday, March 10, 2007

RioHeroes 3:  More and more skillfull and fearless fighters surface as word of RioHeroes spreads throughout the streets of Brazil. Experienced Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu combatants enter the arena to battle each other RioHeroes style. Watch the crowd revel at the excited warriors painting the floor with their own blood. Saturday, March 17, 2007

RioHeroes 4:  RioHeroes steel cage is now erected to increase the safety and security of the fights, but the bloodlust remains the same. The inaugural match featured explosive blows, chokes, and slams that left one of our fighters dazed and confused, questioning where they was and how he got there. See for yourself as the warriors compete for the their honor and respect! Saturday, April 28, 2007










Pro Ice your threads are the best thing about this forum.

Thank you so much for going to all this trouble for us fight fans.


 This spectacular thread by Pro Ice reminds me very much like Anderson Silva(Pro Ice) vs Vitor Belfort(Threads-cuz he be KILLIN IT!!)

You come to expect an easy win when watching Spider and going to a Pro Ice thread, but just like that, BANG, he hits you outta know where with a front kick to the face=Rio Heros ORIGINAL Mother Fuckers!!!!

Vote up in it's most deserving sense

PI threads ftw Phone Post

Musashi - The ORIGINAL.

I miss valetudo. It's what it's all about imo.


Awesome stuff. Thanks for another sweet post.

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Musashi - The ORIGINAL.

I miss valetudo. It's what it's all about imo.



Rio Heroes was awesome!!!! I miss it.