Vince Gironda fans

I was always a big fan of the late Vince Gironda. He
was way ahead of his time and didn't pull punches.
There is a new webiste that contains alot of his
material and has a question and answer feature
as well as a discussion board:

I always thought it was funny that he lost his first competion because he was TOO ripped.

Definitely ahead of his time with bodybuilding nutrition and training theories.

I remember trying to develop a "Wild Physique" when I was 17 and f*cking up my shoulder with wide V dips to bring out the "flare" in my pecs.

The first time Arnold walked into Vince's gym, he
said to Vince "I am Arnold Schwarzenneger, Mr.
Universe" Vince put the phone down and said to
him "You look like a fat f__k to me"