Vitor wants Wanderlei!

Vitor was live, today past lunch time, on the #1 Globo TV, and he said he wants to fight Wanderlei Silva to unify the belts!

Outstanding vale-tudo exposure on brazilian television, showing highlights of Vitor's fights for the general audience!

The best is yet to come! :-)

Let him beat Randy and besides vitor beat them both already :)

Vitor should rematch couture first before anything happens

Gold. Vitor is one of the few who can beat Silva IMO.

I hope we see a rematch with Cotoure first.

First he needs to REALLY beat Randy, which I don't think will happen in a rematch.

So much for thinking that Randy 'is the real Champion'. Guess that went right out the window....

Why the @%!@#&* would any of you NOT want to see Vitor vs Vanderlei regardless of champion status, who beat who, because it was 7 years ago, a fuckin glove, etc.?!?


Vitor should fight Randy first. But unifyed belts would be cool.

A Vitor/Vanderlei today, would be

a very, very different fight...........

A Vitor/Vanderlei today, would be
a very, very different fight...........


Vanderlei has a history of coming to fights "cold" and suffering flash knockdowns. Oyama, Sakuraba, Ortiz etc. all flashed him. Vitor did to, but he was the only one to follow up and capitalize on Vanderlei's shakiness.

If Vanderlei comes to the ring cold against Belfort and gets stunned again, the same thing will happen.

If it goes beyond the first round, Belfort usually fades and the Axe Murderer usually murders.


i agree that vitor needs to prove that he deserves that belt before he goes running his mouth about unification bouts.

belfort/silva 2 would not end the same way.


All the ingredients for the same thing happening are there xshanex. Vanderlei comes to fights cold and gets flashed often. Vitor has murderuous finishing instinct. I wouldn't be the LEAST bit surprised to see it happen.

On the other hand, the longer the fight goes the more likely Belfort is to get Axe Murdered.

I would definitely have Silva as the fave, but again, all the ingredients are there for the same thing to happen as the first time.


I don't know if the outcome will be the same, but I'm looking forward to discover it! :-)

Vitor vs Silva could only happen in Pride. Is Vitor that stupid?

Why Vitor wouldn't want to fight Wanderlei in Pride?

In Pride, Vanderlei would win.

In UFC, it could go either way...........

i pic silva

I guess it doesn't matter where they fight, their chances are the same either place.

I don't care who Vitor fights first out of Randy or Silva, just as long as he fights both of them.