Wait a Second here!!!!!!!!!!

Even if it was easier to have events sactioned how many more people would throw tournaments.

You would have CJA Nationals, Joslins, Showdown?

How many others with put up the money to throw an event?

What we need to do is this:

1) We all get the number to call at the Ontario Athletic Commission and pick a day to call all day long and complain and ask questions. (and I mean hundreds of forum users)(1-800-???-????)

2) We do it again and again using this forum to announce the day we all call.

3) We get their email address and send hundreds of emails asking questions about sanctioning. We just keep sending the same email but we send it like 10 times in one day, one after the other if we like. Everyone does this and their email server shuts down because it's full. Again we use the forum to pick a day to do this and everyone does it as a group. (and we do do it a few times)

Think of the power, and there's nothing illegal about it. We use the tools we have to simply apply pressure to the situation and get answers.


wiley, you're a smart man.

I'm all for it.

It's not about being smart, it's about playing the game using the tools in which we are granted simply as Canadians. I say this because a little while back I had difficulties with an online order and I emailed the CBSA (Canadian Border Service Agency/Customs) Minister in Ottawa about it. Grant you it was awhile later but their assistant called me and asked me to explain the situation. There was nothing they could do but it was nice for the government to listen to the little guy for a change.

If we do what I suggest it would only take several of us (10) to do it. And they'd be screwed. They wouldn't be able to do anything else they had to do, as their systems would crash there phone system would have us all on hold, if we all called at the same time even. It's like gorilla warfare computer and technologically. And there's nothing wrong with it as it's our right/liberty to email and call government offices.

Think of the mass organized chaos we could cause not once but twice, three times, four times, five times even until, we get an answer or they take the matter seriously. And when we shake their hands one day I use my secret handshake.

JOKING aside its easy to do, and it's rather simple. We post a copy of the email we all send on the forum, so they get the same message 100's of times from dozens of us.

Then we do the same for the CJA and it's representative's to get the answers we need.

Organized CHAOS, in a democratic way, safe sci-fi demonstration. For every action there is an equal or opposite/greater reaction and our action will be democratic, organized, overload, and our answers and concerns will be answered.

I am a believer. Wiley for Prime Minister.


Wiley is a genious. Genious I say!

I would skip the OAC and go right to the ministry responsible. The OAC seems already less than inclined towards grappling (Joe has posted about the commissioner before, as have others, but he seems to have gone out of his way to stop Thai boxing, BJJ, non WWE wrestling, etc.).

However, in addition to doing that, imagine using the forum to get as many people in Ontario as possible to join the CJA and show up and support the currently sanctioned events (Joslin's, CJA's, Liborio1's). Joe can't run Showdown because he's not a club, so imagine using the forum to organize a club (Shah, Rebellion, etc.) to team up with Joe for another Showdown?

Ontario has the ability to have as many tournaments as they want, inspite of the goverment restrictions. They just lack the grace and forethought to do it.

Who is the ministry responsible and what is their address?

I have a lot of time on my hands and access to the internet.

good thinking wiley !

I would like to hear Dan's(bravado) point of view on Showdownjoe's post.

HEHE great idea of using technology but it goes both ways.

See there is this thing you can do on email servers, inboxes whatever.

Called Auto-Rules. Which deletes your email just like a spam email from any user under any address. All you need is to find a word or subject that links every email in a chain and they'll never see the emails.

100 emails or even 1000 aren't enough to kill a pop/exchange server.


Thats easy to overcome. You do it one day using a yahoo account. Then if they do that you create a new yahoo account they've never received an email from and do it again. Creating an account takes only a few minutes.

It can be done and the government wont do that as it's your right to contact them.

Devious1 you must be working for the otherside of this battle. As someone would only post a way to stop it, only if they themsleves had intentions of stopping it or helping those persons out. I hope when the day comes in this struggle that you know what side of line in the sand you should be standing on.

Please remove your thread so folks dont even get the heads up of how to stop such an action if it actually took place.

Instead of helping those who insist on holding the sport down, you should be giving those who support the sport ideas, info and help.

(Before anyone says anything, I am a CJA member)

Who is the ministry responsible?

In descending order from the ministry:



wiley - you've been watching too much conspiracy theories.

It doesn't matter what account you send it from, all they need to do is use a hotword like 'bjj or jiu or jitsu' and if it finds it in the email anywhere, subject or body it will delete it.

I'm not helping the other side out... Anyone who works in IT knows auto-rules for email. The people working at the government will know more than me and easily block your spamming.

You want results, make a online petition. Print it, go down to the officials offices and protest. Send the online petition with a argumentative letter to every press house in the Province.

Spamming them isn't a good idea. It is highly ineffective and really quite pointless. It will give them more of a reason to ignore those with valid arguments because of the childish manner you want to deal with it.

So Wiley, with that what side of the fence do you want to stand on? That the participants and fans are ignorant and will abuse the internet (spam is illegal).

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Devious1 is correct.

I don't think it's a great idea to spam them.

Ok, let's get organized. One of you smart fellas should create an "argumentive letter"(Dr. Evil styles). Another smart fella (or popular) should start an "online petition"(again with the Dr. Evil styles). Or atleast concur on a date in which these events should begin, to create awareness.

So with all the complaining that we do is there going to be one more tournament if someone else could sanction grappling.

The idea of contacting as many (and as often as possible) of those gov't offices posted is a great idea. Weather is be in person with a petition, by phone, by registered letter (or otherwise) or by email,
or by any other means possible that weren't mentioned.

I might be mistaken, but I got the feeling wiley's
original thought might have been just the simple idea
of bombarding the powers-that-be with every available
tool that's at our disposals. To forge ahead, to
persevere, to constantly pressure them for change.
Without constant pressure nothing can be obtained
as far as changing laws are concerned.

Complacency is our enemy.