Wanderlei Pictures

Pictures in Curitiba



cool, thanks. is that his wife or something. What's the huge poster in the back represent? I like it

No thats my wife, she was in Curitiba last week at the Chute Boxe academy ......................



very cool

he is the nicest, down to earth fighter.....

your wife is cute but you gotta teach her how to make a fist...

Cool pics and don't take this the wrong way but your wife is good looking.That's the exact shirt I bought from you guys Wand is wearing good stuff and a good company!Will you guys be getting any Ninja and Shogun stuff anytime soon?Acacio even?

LOL, and thnx sawdusk and ufcbarbarian ..........

LOL @ the responses already, I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and say your wife is hot as well.

Oh yeah and that Wand guy can fight too! ;)

Nice pics bro....

I gotta ask, are they doing algebra or some shit on Wands pic in the back ground? Who would have thought the guys at Chute Box do math problems between training sessions.

Shogun and Acacio T's are on the way............

Great Pics JJ. 

LOL sawdusk, I don't hit like a girl.... ask my husband laughs

thanks vatoloco. We met before at the first naga in Chicago. You were cool then and these are cool pictures.
All the best bro.

"Shogun and Acacio T's are on the way............ "


OMFG BEST NEWS IN SO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What about Ninja though????I only have his beanie and would love a shirt.

cool pics.

Nice pics!

Is the math thing to get kids to study or something?

U = Study


Wand + Elbow (2)

Hits U

I asked vanderlei to take a pic with me a few months back. He was like no problem, GAVE ME A HUG. I was like Oh, God, hes going to take a piece of my flesh, but I survived. Just imagine vanderlei walking around giving hugs to all his fans. I hate to admit I was a little star struck.

LOL its some crazy math that equals to like being CRAZY its a thing that I dont understand, but then again I am not loco.................

Frank belive you me when Carol is angry she packs a punch, usually a frying pan to the back of the head ........( her favorite saying is that Brasil is non-extradition country lol ).