Watch Jean Jacques Machado teach cool things

Short videos. Cool content.


Basic movements used in advanced techniques.


Controlling someone who stands in your guard.


Arm bar in theory vs arm bar in practice.


Closed guard passing. This is a great one.


Good stuff. That guard pass had some excellent details.

JJM has great details in the movements.

  • On a SideNote: That class is the typical nerds/geeks that I think of when I think of BJJ classes.


Wow, that last detail in the last video about watching the guys shoulders. Off the mat mean hips can’t push up … sooooo good.

Awesome thread Red_Stuff, ty!


Good stuff. I remember Roger Machado mentioning getting the hip under your when you’re in guard to help keep your from moving. I like the added details to when to do it.

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that was something that rickson had talked about and I can’t remember his name, but a long time contributor here … jack???.. used to strongly advocate for the hip turn…unless you’re talking about when your opponent lifts his shoulder blades.

Nice this is a way better Thread than the one you made on Stand Up Comedy


The hip turn I had learned from Victor Estima a few years ago. I only use it to keep a solid base. Watching ukes shoulders leave the mat is new for me. Brilliant detail.

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Nice thread. Love the videos.

The hip lift when posturing in guard is something I learned from Rickson, but the turning sideways part I had not seen.
Some real gems in these videos

yeah! that’s who it was. Not sure he posts here anymore.

I’m not a fan of the “turning sideways”.
It violates one of my personal principals.
To me, the shoulders are like an airplane you want to keep them square to your opponent and level (a lot of people get them off level when they push the leg down).

The hips should still be able to rotate. This is like doing the karaoke warmups where your hips and shoulders are disengaged from each other. Once you rotate your shoulders, your beginning to expose your arm, back, etc giving your opponent and angle of attack. There’s too much responsibility for your forward grip and post. It also takes your head out of the equation as something that can be used as an extra appendage (e.g. it can post on your opponent’s shoulder to block hip bump sweep or kimuras, his underhook)

Someone better tell JJM :slight_smile:

Just kidding @Meatgrinder That is a good point.

thanks… yeah. The “I’m not a fan” wording was intentional.
I’m not going to say it’s wrong.
I’m just recognizing the risks and putting some context around my preferences and reasoning.

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Just giving you a hard time…you always add great insight and details to the forum.

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