Watching Tyson-Douglas Now: Wow!

ESPN-C has been showing tons of great old boxing footage the past few days. Right now I'm watching Tyson-Douglas after not viewing it for a few years. This fight alone proves Mike has an incredible chin.

I'd forgotten the pouning Tyson takes and still has the energy to drop Douglas in the 8th round. Douglas tees off in the 9th round big time and Tyson takes shot after shot. Now the 10th round. This has been brutal. Mike would be nearly impossible to KO in MMA, he'd have to be submitted.

watched it. classic!

and mike is not getting caught in mma by a knee

I would like to see Gilbert Yvel vs. Mike Tyson in Pride, or Remy Bonjasky in K1. My money says Tyson gets owned, probably by the knees and kicks these two guys are really good at. Jumping knee to the teeth ends Iron Mike's evening early.

Go TIME is a Tyson hater. His opinions are biased thus are not valid.

Tyson was partying alot before that fight and Buster had the fight of his life. Tyson was acually pretty respectful after that fight saying Buster fought a great fight.

I agree Tyson would have to cross train to compete in MMA. But if he did he could make waves. Already punches WAY HARDER than anyone we have ever seen in MMA. Also, Tyson is not just a boxer he is a natural fighter.

Buster Douglas was unbeatable that night, his mother died a few days before. Yeah ok he was down for 13 seconds so what it made his KO victory even more impressive. This is also the time Tyson was thought of as the unbeatable monster.

If anyone on here hasnt seen it buy the tape, its an absolute classic!

Possibly the biggest upset ever in Boxing.


"A simple knee would fuck up a crouching Tyson, thank you"

"go time is incorrect"

... and I'll bet we sit around watching Abu Dhabi tape saying "Boxer X would fuckin ROCK that dude's head."...

It's boxing. No knees. Dumbfucks.


Bet your not taping it.

That is a great example of why people should never think someone doesnt have a chance, or someone is unbeatable.

Classic fight!

Harlan, I watched that fight 100+ times, so many times I know the commentary.

I counted the flush, clean rights Mike ate. The uppercut was like #50. Tyson could take a helluva beating, and his fights with Ruddock, Evander and Lennox showed he had a darn solid chin even when he lost.

That's why I rank a primse Tyson over Lewis. Tyson would've NEVER been one punched like Lennox was. You had to really put a beating on that guy.

Lennox Lewis is about the only notable HW champ (in recent memory) without a good chin. It's pretty much a prerequisite for the champ to be able to take punishment because every heavy not named Byrd can KO you with a good, clean shot. I think this speaks volumes about Lewis' defensive abilities but it also really hurts him in a match up against the all time greats. I'd like to think a prime Tyson would KO him because it would really only take one solid shot but could he land that shot? We'll never know.

the fact that tyson didnt train for the fight, was drunk, cocained up to the hilt,and sleeping with hoes the night before had alot to do with him losing that fight!!!!!!!!lol

That fight was almost identical to the Tyson vs. Lewis fight.

I bet Lewis watched that fight 1000 times and built a strategy from it.

I was a sad little boy that night

"Mike would be nearly impossible to KO in MMA, he'd have to be submitted."--HarlanEllison "A simple knee would fuck up a crouching Tyson, thank you"--GO TIME "It's boxing. No knees. Dumbfucks."--Ghost LOL, some people just hate reading long posts before they start the name-calling...

jones tarver maybe up there as a big upset as tyson douglas

Sothy has me in tears! LOL