We are not "Thugs" and lowlifes!

I was just discussing this with a coworker, and thought it was worthy of posting in here. At the "Proving Ground" show here in Denver over the weekend, I saw several guys wearing t-shirts, hats, jackets, etc. with their dojo/school names on them.

I'm willing to bet that there were large numbers of students from at least 10 different schools there Saturday night. They were there supporting their friends who fought, or just as fans, but they were there in large numbers.

Now one might think that with all this testosterone present, and with drinks being sold, that there would've been several fights. There weren't.

I only saw one near fight, and that was some chick who had beef with the strippers that were brought in to be the ring girls. She threw a drink at them and then had to be restrained.

I didn't see any men acting stupid like this, despite the school rivialries, the emotions of the matches, and the presence of alcohol. In fact, everyone I dealt with was really cool and respectfull. We were there to support our friends, and the sport, while having a good time. Period.

It's too bad that us fighters, fans, and students of the sport get labelled as thugs, because Saturday's experience is much more common than the perceived "problems" that supposedly plague the sport and it's events.

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Some of the nicest guys I've met were into MMA. Certainly not all Thugs that's for sure. I think it's the respect for training and the fact that many of the fans train as well hence everyone has respect.

Then guys like Rampage comes along and ruins everything... (j/k)

I thought it was funny that the only problems there involved a couple of non-training women. There was lots of strutting and tight shirt wearing, but absolutely no drama between the men there.

I agree that for the most part, we tend to acknowledge and respect the training and time put in by others.

many idiots think its cool to b a thug

The worse part is that my brother and I have uppity white collar jobs. At least my thug students think it is cool when I show up to work with black eyes.

The comraderie in MMA is impressive as hell.

True..for the most part people who train have a respect for each other a warriors respect if you will

I still can't believe that anyone in their right mind would start a fight at an MMA event!

Why would you want to do that?

LOL. You haven't gone to enough shows. There is plenty of ex-biker, wanna be eminem shitheads that show up to any place that serves a beer in a plastic cup.

Enjoy. I will never go to any more MMA shows again.

mwit, I agree there are lots of bikers and eminem wanabees but they aren't starting fights.

I only saw one moron try to start a fight at an event and he was a fat not trained tool that tried to start a fight with a very tough MMA pro fighters. Obviously lots of liquid courage.

Take care.

I went to Shooto in St. Louis this weekend and thought the same thing. All kinds of rednecks and not one fight. My buddy brought his girl with him it was both of their first mma event. I promised them it would be cool and it was. I love this sport!!!!!

good point chad

Chadk, in my experience that is what most events are like. mwit, how many evebts have you been to that this happens, where and what events? Your experience seems to be the exception.

I've never been to a smaller event where there were problems. It's been the bigger shows, where you get large numbers of "casual fans" that I've seen shit break out.

If there is trouble, it's those "fans" who always seem to be the one's causing it.

I have been to events from UFC 40 (top notch production and atmosphere) to IFCs where the entire crowd seemed to be on crank. No fights. I think the fact that everyone knows that everyone else can fight sort of keeps everybody in check.

It's like those gangster parties where everyone has a gun. Nobody starts nothin' because melee is NOT going to be winnable for anyone.

"many idiots think its cool to b a thug"

I like to walk around town in my gi with clear plastic bags on my feet (to make it look like I have no shoes on). When someone walks by me I sink into a horse stance and focus my chi on any immanet attacks.

Freaks people out, but I think it's cool.

good post as always Chad.