Weigh In: Weight Scale Tricks???

I saw Castillo fail to make weight and when he stepped onto the scale he raised his arms up above his head and held in his gut.

Does weighing in like this trick the scale into making you seem lighter than you really are???

Um, no, I don't think. BUT...it does make you look like a fool. I'm gonna stand on one tippy toe and raise one arm in the air next time I weigh myself at the gym and see what everybody does.

yes, there are some tricks....

the digital scales that were used in NYS wrestling, could be balenced by four pegs on a floor

the pegs are screwed in and out to blaence the scale..

when even....the scaled zero's out.

you can cheat the scale by stepping on or leaning to a particular front or back corner of the scale.

my teammate and id...had this down to a science.

when we were at other schools..we would get on the scale and figure out theres also.

we are not talking lbs...we are talking .2 or .3 of a lb..wich in wretling is NOT making weight.

Joe McFarlane

The whole thing of putting your arms above your head got taken out of context in a way. it doesn't make you weigh less.. the only reason anyone ever did it was because if you are cutting very hard and you get on naked, your corner guys will have to hold a towel for you.- people used to cheat by holding the towel near the fighter's arm and actually holding the arm up a little, causing the fighter to weigh less... so, to stop that, the fighter was required to hold his hands above his head, so that there could be no interference. - people started copying that when they were close to being over... that's what my boyfriend says anyway, and he's a pro fighter w/ alot of exp.

i have heard of guys standing ontheir heads right before they get on the scale because then the blood isn't settled yet and you can loose a few onces that way... i dunno if it's true though.

head standing one is as rediculous as somone spitting a lb of spit into a cup or shaking the drops of urin off there PP into the toilet.

I used to exhale all the air out of my lungs before stepping on the scale. That helped with .2 pounds sometimes. This is on digital, btw.

What about what Baroni did for the Menne fight, he tried to hold the top part of the scale down with his finger until he was completely on the scale, so it wouldn't fluxuate. The guy from the athletic commission smacked his hand down like he was fingering his daughter or something.

"I used to exhale all the air out of my lungs before stepping on the scale. That helped with .2 pounds sometimes. This is on digital, btw."

That's funny. Impossible, but funny.

"Think light" - Kuch

Racer X, try it.

tikmovado: why are you saying that? that's not my angle at all. just adding to the discussion by telling you what I've heard from a reputable source. Maybe there are some weirdos on this board, but not me.


There is a definite cycle for these threads!

By the way, lifting your hands will drop your weight as it has moved your centre of gravity away from the earths. However unless you are several hundred miles tall good luck getting the difference to show up on a set of scales!

putting arms in the air is for sifu's who have mastered the art of levitation.

Joe Riggs does it.

In fact he tried to levitate his way out of a Swickatine his last fight, I guess he was confused.

thats funny...i remember getting on the scale backwards in highschool wrestling...never really was sure why...everyone just did it...

i figured maybe you did that cuz the digital reading was so close to your cock n ballz....you stood backwards so the coach wouldnt have to see your junk when he glanced at the digi screen

the level of IQ of the UG just dropped to 60 with this thread

The old beam balance scales usually had a sweet spot in one of it's corners, not sure about the new digital ones.

One trick that I know is used, at least in the wrestling community, is the pinch. A teammate stands behind the guy weighing in putting the guy on the scale in between himself and whoever is checking the weight. He takes a finger and pushes up on the butt check of the guy on the scale very lightly and steadily.

So, from wrestling we have 'Checking the oil' and now 'The Pinch'?

"the level of IQ of the UG just dropped to 60 with this thread"

jew jew, the average IQ on here drops every time you log on.

The idea about raising your arms is that the blood will flow out of your arms at the spped of gravity thus making you weight less by the amount of blood in your arms. It works to some degree but we are talking a very small amount. Maybe .2 of a pound. The same idea applies to the standing on your head before weigh-ins trick. The truth is that its probably just easier to go run for five minutes.