weightlifting routine input for fighters???

u see on alot of the "inside the UFC" footage and also on alot of fighters highlight vids that most fighters lift weights along with their training. now when i say weights i also mean medicine ball drills, pull ups, ect.

I personally have not touched weights in over a year and am one of those fighters with i guess you could say "natural KO power". I am looking for a good workout routine to add to my training. I will be happy to treat anyones input as sponsorship. anyone with good info please post here or email me at brchism@valdosta.edu



Chism205: My good friend and personal trainer Steve McKinney is a genious when it comes to lifting for combat sports. He is in the process of developing an online Instructional DVD called weight lifting for grapplers. You can check out his website at www.fitnessandmore.net. I have been training with him for the past 3 months have really noticed a difference in my strength and muscle endurance in training. Email me at derekmaguire44@hotmail.com if you have any more questions. Hope this helps


aight yea i might do that.

still looking for more input.


 Head to my site - http://www.workingclassfitness.com and check out some of the testimonials I've gotten from fighters (including the UG's own HELWIG) on my lifting/conditionng programs.

Shoot me an email.

Wiggy - workout plans


damn my green name is gone. i just noticed that



I'm a personal trainer, and am looking to develop some good workout routines for myself and for others who train/fight.

I'm a big fan of an exercise that will workout more than one muscle, and isn't just for "beach looks."

Circuit training is your best bet, work a lot of powercleans, squat/curl/presses, stuff like that.


check out crossfit.com its a free program and great for strength and gas.

it also leaves A LOT to be desired

wiggy's got a good program...i got it

with crossfit you need to much equip. i used to workout at a brranch we have in town and it worked but it costed to damn much

CHISM205 - with crossfit you need to much equip. i used to workout at a brranch we have in town and it worked but it costed to damn much

it's not "to" it's "too".

just lookin out man, your a fighter now.

and it's "costs", while were on the subject.

at least you have a ttt out of all this.

PAGrappler412 - wiggy's got a good program...i got it

Thanks man! Glad you like it!