What are good Proportions?

For a guy 5'7" and 175 lbs

How do you know if your are in proportion?

I dont lift weights at all.


Oh wait, thats something else.



P.S. I think there are some cool old formulas set up for this sort of thing. I know there is one in "Super Squats".

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Ok so more to the point my specs.

41 years old
5'7" tall
175 pounds
14.5" biceps
12 1/4" forearm
34" waist
49 1/2" shoulder
15" calves
21" thighs

I don't lift weights.

If you don't lift weights, why do you care about bodybuilding symmetry?

Kinda ancient, but maybe along the lines of what you were looking for...

The Complete Science of Muscular Development - (circa 1930)


It's funny, I am 6ft and 200lbs, my calves are 17.25 inches and people comment how skinny they look. I think it's because they have a short muscle belly.

LOL the article talks about using 57.8 inches as the average height of the American male.

Lets see 12 inches in a foot 12* 5 =60 so we are talking about the average height being less then 5 foot tall???

Oh well by the stats in that chart I match up very close to what they have listed for 170 pounds.

I wonder what would happen if I applied myself to weight training? Given my current size with zero weight lifting I think that I may be able to pack on some size pretty easy?

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