What are some MMA forums with frames?

I understand your feeling and you may well be right. But most things in life get updated/upgraded after a time.

The UG, in more or less the same form, existed for 20 years. How long could it realistically go without an update, whilst everything else around it is updating?

Also, maybe Kirik is looking to attract a new generation of MMA fans who were put off by the old school layout.

This is what Amazon looked like when UG started. And FB, twitter and YT didnt exist.

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From a technical standpoint, it would be impossible to keep up the frames. They are no longer supported. This update works so much better than the previous one. Don’t you remember a thousand people every day saying “fix the forum” or similar expressions?

Some old boomers might leave, but it will also bring in new users because the forum actually works.

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What does ‘frames’ mean in the context of the website. Is it something functional or simply visual?

Sorry for the layman question just wondering what people are referring to that’s different from now.



If you’re new here, the old website, had different modes. One of the most popular modes was ‘frames’.

Frames meant a menu bar on the left, with all thread titles. If you clicked on the thread then right side of the screen would display the content of the thread.

So you could read the thread, and still read (and scroll) all the 100 thread titles on the left simultaneously.

This added an open feel, which was popular. That was good thing about the old site, but there were some negatives too.


Ah thanks.

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I really did like the frames but if it wont be supported then I can also see why they would update it. I got used to the colour change to red from blue it just took time lol

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Facebook does not use frames.


In for meltdowns.

Prove Mad Men GIF

It’s obsolete

well whatever they use, they have a side scrolling menu on browser showing people i may know and friends i may want to add, as well as my notifications, whilst browsing facebook

Frames are depreciated and support will disappear in some release of the modern browsers.

You can emulate the behavior with html and css.

But there is no support for that layout in any modern forum software we reviewed. So it would require building custom Stuff which is what got us light years behind other forums in functionality.

We had 1500 people using frames. One of which was me. I still love that layout.

We searched for a left rail style plugin for discourse but it doesn’t not exist.

So the only option is to pay for custom work to build it and then hope it doesn’t break when regular updates to discourse come out.

Which is hard because it holds back improvements for the vast majority of users. Note only 15% of users use the site on desktop.

So I’m game if we can find a supported plugin that will not break everytime discourse updates and supports the gazillion features the full version does.

Meanwhile you can just command click thread titles which pops them out if you really want or use the back button on thread detail which will always return you to the exact spot you left off.


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