What are these Pride gloves?

Hey guys, today I recieved a pair of Pride gloves that have 2 small differences from another pair that I have and I'm not sure what version these are or the story behind them. The 2 differences are for one, the logo is smaller on the gloves i got today, and two, the pad that the logo is on has a slight angle to it on the right side where on the other glove the wrist pad is straight (90 degrees).  I have gone over these gloves very closely and these are the only differences from what I can tell, everything down to the material stitching is the same. These tags on these gloves are pictured below as well and state that they are official DREAM STAGE ENTERTAINMENT gloves.


Hope you didn't pay much for them....

hunto21 - Hope you didn't pay much for them....

  Hope you move out of your mom's basement one day....

Does anyone read Japanese? Someone on facebook mentioned that they think these say prototype in Japanese but unfortunately I can't read Japanese.

The auction said they were prototypes from what I remember. The Velcro and stitching looks legit. Phone Post

 As I also mentioned on FB. The padding isn't as "thick" as the common white bolts.

Kind of looks like the dream stage tag is shorter than usual as well. Could be the angle of your pic though Phone Post

They're fakes.

ricksongjj - They're fakes.

Please elaborate Hix. If these gloves were never produced for DSE and they have that tag then who was actually behind these and where did they come from?

I have no idea who makes them,there are several different fakes out there but all you have to do is look at the pics of them side by side with your authentic glove.

They do have the tag though maybe some how Dreamstage made them but they arent fighter issued gloves.Not worth $750

This forum seems to be slowly becoming a troll lounge. Lloyd, hunto, flanders... Who's next?

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grkblood - This forum seems to be slowly becoming a troll lounge. Lloyd, hunto, flanders... Who's next?

I'm not trolling, you're setting your money on fire.

I'm on the facebook group, I've sold a couple of my items from my photo album that's for sale. You said you were having a big mail day but you failed to mention that they were expensive phony items.

1) You probably don't actually know anything about these gloves.

2) You have no clue what you're talking about by calling everything that I bought as phony so you should really just shut up unless you can prove it.

3) This thread has nothing to do with my posters and passes that I posted in the mailman thread.

Save your babbling for somewhere else. If you know something then point it out. Don't be vague and act like a complete douchebag.

 I have a fake white bolt that was signed, and it looks simular to that but the padding looks different. 

apparently the tag written in japanese says "public relations" which can mean promotional, according to the freenode japanese chat atleast. 

?? [????] /(n) PR/public relations/publicity/information/(P)/


Normally I don't like seeing people get ripped off. But you are such an arrogant dude that this somehow gives me pleasure.

Bought a pair of pride gloves from kakuto and that's what he sent me. I told him to fuk and send me my money back and he did. Exact same gloves with the smaller pride logo. I also compared them to my legit ones when I received them and you can tell they're fake by the leather itself. Phone Post

Told him to fuk off.....sorry from cell. Phone Post

@Hunto, did I ask for an appraisal? No, I asked for information. It's about time I hit the ignore button on you. I think I'm going to do that about right now.

@flyingtoehold, who is kakuto and were they sold to you as being the fighter issued white bolts or something different?

Obviously I know these are NOT the official white bolts. If they were I would have no reason to make this thread. If anyone actually knows something about these gloves other than the fact they're not fhe fighter issued white bolts I'd love to hear it.

Everyone on this board that has more than a metal Urijah has been burned before. It happens. If I'm ever lucky enough to meet Roland I'm going to introduce his jaw to the hardest sucker punch I can throw. Guys like hunto and Lloyd are pretty broke so anytime they see someone throwing a little money around they immediately pounce out of jealousy - this is not a new act so don't take it personally.