What BJJ Game to use on Lesnar???

The guy is huge and controls very well. He also looks to be able to pass. How would you try to control him with your game?

He doesnt posture up to throw down punches in the guard. I would try (after pissing myself) to use my hooks to sit up. Then use a hook sweep to get on top. But you would have to hit it perfect on that dude to make it work......

Butterfly Half Guard would destroy Lesnar.


how about trying to be on top?

leg attacks always kill wrestlers

main thing will be not turtling-up 

Gun guard.

double bagger to carni FTW.

Armed guard????

definitely footlocks.

I think it would be funny if somebody tried to rubber guard him, they'd just get slammed right through the floor. Im sure in the future Mino will show us how its done.

Defensive guard of Helio, Valentes, Ryron-Rener, Relson, Royce, etc.

Im a real boy - or the way Nog did on Sapp.

haha oh you mean get beat up severely for 15 minutes and almost get your neck broken being spiked through the mat? yeah i dont think thats a smart game... nogs great but his defense is less than stellar. if he was a normal person he would have probably been killed in that fight. he just happens to be one of the toughest people ont he planet.

i think nog, werdum, gonzaga all have a good chance against him.

I think it's safe to conclude that really ANY sort of "BJJ position", top or bottom would, render Lesnar harmless.

Josh74 - sweep and get on top.

Yeah... that's an OK plan too, but I think I'd prefer to sweep and wrist lock him BEFORE I even got to the top. End it right away.


Herring made a HUGE mistake last night by not "stepping off-line" from that first punch and applying an armbar takedown or a possibly a standing Hammerlock. That fight could have been over in about 7 seconds if he'd just done that.

Josh74 - sweep and get on top.

Mir said he tried to sweep, but Brock was unmovable, so he went for the kneebah.

best game i think would be to rock him standing then finish with a sub while hes hurt. but obviously its easier said than done.

IMMEDIATELY sit to inverted guard. That will baffle his brain for a few seconds and when he takes a swing for your ass, flip over and catch him in a triangle.

Any BJJ blue belt could beat him. ;)

The best part was the look on Herring's face..... like "Get this motherfucker off me" That cannot be any fun.

Lesnar looked like a shaved gorilla mauling a fat housewife.

I tuned in during that fight and thought I had mistakenly changed it to an episode of Oz.

W/o his hooks in, shouldn't he be open to kneebars/ankle locks etc.? He had his center low and pressuring Heath's hips (all his weight was applied there) so maybe Heath was unable to roll under for the leg.

I train with a guy that size and luckily he is nice, when he does use his size and strength there is nothing you can do, technique won't help you here.

His size presents a problem if your forced to play a guard or turtle game.

On the other hand how many times were you guys seeing armbars or other subs that were open? It didn't look like he had trained 1 day of jiu-jitsu.

"i think nog, werdum, gonzaga all have a good chance against him"

Gonzaga would be a good one, but it looks like Kongo next.